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Internet Trends of 2015


Last year marked a departure from the decade-long trend consumerization of information technology, with moderate growth in the number of consumers who use the wearable technology such as smart glasses. But prediction for 2015 is that the focus will continue to move into the zone of predominance of the companies in the segment of the wearable technology, three-dimensional printing, drones and that the Internet of things will meet increasing number of needs and bring more sales to companies themselves than the consumers.

The following are some features and details of this year’s predictions of internet trends of 2015:

  • The trend of technology adoption in 2015 will be rocking to the business market, which represents a shift from the ten-year period of movement in the opposite direction when the mass use of technology (such as smart phones with large screen and tablets) began among individual consumers.
  • In 2015, the companies will buy, pay and use more than 60 percent of the total one billion wireless devices for Internet of things despite the media focus on consumers that use these devices for management of heat control, lighting and home appliances, from washing machine to electric teapot.
  • Drones in 2015 will have multiple purposes in industry and personal use. Predictions are sales of about 300,000 drones for the not of a military nature purpose, and they were also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, bringing the total used units rise to more than one million. Although consumers and professional consumers will buy most of units, most of the real value will be realized from their use in enterprises.

For more info about internet trends of 2015, check the infographic below: