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What are the 11 Widely Used Public Relation Activities – 2024 Review

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Public relation activities are widely used in any type marketing campaigns. Some of these activates might be more related to marketing and marketing communications, however the end goal is the same. In this article we walk through the 11 most used public relation activities.

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1. Press Release Public Relation Activities

This perhaps is one of the best and most effective activities in the marketing field. The reason for this is very simple. If we say company X will work on monthly or annual report. Once this report is completed, company X sends the report the media hoping they will publish it for FREE. This also works for video news release. It is highly likely the media will publish the report. The report is FREE material and usually once the report is published. The media also gets honourable mention on company X’s website.

2. Internal PR

These type of activities are only internally within organisation. Usually this type of public relation activities come in different levels of engagement. Some of the internal activities are:

  • Newsletter
  • Company Website
  • Events/Meetings
  • Social Media News Feed
  • Internal Television
  • Infographics

These type of activates keeps the employees informative about the company’s goals etc. The newsletter can be exceptional and be distributed, between suppliers and other important parties.

3. Investor Relations

For the Public held companies the investors play very important role within the organisation. Hence, it is very important for one company to release quarterly reports. As an investor, you would like to know, how your money is spent and the company’s goals and objectives to return your money. It is the PR department responsibility to manage all public relation activities and investors are part of it.

4. Lobbying

This type of activity is responsible for the hefty decisions within organisation or the government. It usually involves very strict communication with the person in power. Advising for certain actions within organisation or the government. This involves most of the time keynote speaking.

5. Speech Writing

This type of activity is very important. It is also part of the PR department and involves the speech writing to the director of the company. Then the director goes public and makes an announcement accordingly. This type of public speeches is designed and structured almost following military protocol.

6. Corporate Identity

This type of activity involves keeping the corporate identity clean and tidy. This might also involve the input of logos, brochures and even some stationary communicating clear message keeping the corporate identity on the front line.

7. Media Relations

The role of PR is to also keep very good relations with the media to gain positive media releases. Some companies pride themselves with their achievements, such as charity engagement. Everyone, loves the charity. It is one way to reduce Tax and also to gain some media releases which are part of the public relation activities.

8. Sponsorships

One of the most common public relation activities. Sponsorship requires the company to sponsor an event in return for media exposure. Some of the events companies go for are: golf tournaments, football games, formula one etc. It is big business and massive exposure to highly paying customers waiting to be converted.

9. Special Events Public Relation Activities

The role of the PR also involves planning, organising and managing an event. The ideal turnaround is for all guests to go home happy. The main concept is celebrating or announcing certain company update. This is expensive activity and involves carefully planning.

10. Buzz Building

This activity involving the engagement of the public is very tactical and useful. Companies usually higher bloggers and social media experts to build a conversation around a given topic. By following this conversation, a buzz is born and this gets even bigger engaging many other people. The Social media is very powerful tool and some of the greatest results can be achieved using only social media.

11. Advice and Consultancy

Some of the biggest companies with the massive budget on the table can afford advising and consultancy within the public relation activities. The companies who choose to trust the expertise of the PR experts. These companies usually gain a lot by creating special PR department responsible for all of the above mentioned activities.