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Top 5 Video Marketing Trends for 2015


Have you ever watched some video on YouTube? It is a high probability that you have, like millions of others in the world; according to research of comScore Inc., within one month, 182 million users in the US watched some video content on the Internet, and to an average of 23.2 hours per user!

The video is obviously a format that users like, so marketers are ‘jumped’ to the new tool, using online video as a TV commercial that people want to watch.

Why use a video marketing strategy?

  • Video allows you to tell a complex message in a simple way, or ‘boring’ content make interesting.
  • The message in video format will be remembered longer than the text.
  • A video message can give a ‘human face’ to your corporation, with which users will be able to more easily connect and will be more inclined to believe
  • Video can help increase your ranking in the search engines; for example, a link to your website, which is linked to the video on YouTube, search engines will evaluate as high-quality inbound links
  • Making the video does not require high costs

Video can be used to inform, entertain, explain, tell the story, and even shock in the purpose of effectively transmitting the message. Quality does not have to be top-notch, or a person hasn’t be super actor; key to the success of the video is adaptation of themes and messages to the target audience, and creative presentation of the story.

How to come up with ideas?

Begin, as with any marketing activities with your target group: who are the people you want to involve? Which are their age and sex, what they like and don’t like, which are their problems, which information they need? If you have enough relevant information about them, you will easy select content that will speak just to them.

If you sell a physical product, you can create mini-story that will show how the product is used, which are its basic features, advantages … You can record a short film in your factory and show the manufacturing process from the raw material to finished product. According to research of KISSmetric, the people who viewed a video which showing the product, 64% -85% are more likely to purchase it. If you offering the services you can demonstrate how you work, useful content of your web portal, the testimony of your clients, advise on selected issues …

To replace the cold face of corporation with human face, show what’s going on behind the scenes: Present members of your team, show them in the work environment, team building, or in the interaction with customers. Avoid using video for aggressive sales message, people generally do not like them and will not even look at it. Instead, inform them and get them interested, and provide a link to a page where they can find additional information, subscribe to your newsletter or contact you directly.

Ensure that the video will be able to find and to be seen: use keywords and include them in the title and description. Promote videos through your social networks. Limit the length of your video: people do not want to watch a long video. Limit the duration on 2-3 minutes. Below you can check Top 5 Video Marketing Trends for 2015: