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The trends in web design for 2015 [infographic]


The way we use the web is changing in line with the growth of technology. Smartphones and tablets have become a major factor which influencing the design of the web. What are the trends in web design for 2015?

If content is king, then the design is the crown. Home page should be more comprehensive. Visitors must get a sense of intuitive and dynamic interaction. Responsive design of website remains still imperative. Every owner who cares for his visitors should have designed a website that includes technology to automatically adjust the content to the devices where they are read. In the future responsive design will adapt to smart TVs and smart watches, not only monitors, smart phones or tablets. Moving page should be vertical because it contributes to an interactive style stories. After all this way scrolling through content is much easier to use on smartphones / tablets than clicking on the navigation from page to page. Forget the shadows, patterns and textures. Style with simple lines and white space is recommended for the coming year.

Typography – days Arial or Times New Roman font, which dominated the web pages are the past. Today, there are tons of creative and expressive typography and are not a problem to apply. Keep in mind that Google Web fonts are not the only option. Also in choosing a web typography is essential font size. Larger font with a minimal design is more comfortable to read what users will appreciate.

Image as a link, not text – This is especially useful for viewing the contents of the smart phones as it is far easier to press on the image to open content than target text under the photo. This does not mean that the text loses its meaning. I still have a very important role in the design of transfer news, instructions or information. Also, the text is important for SEO.

Especially important element in the design Web pages is the time of their load. Today it has more and more a primary role. Believe it or not, but if it takes more than a few seconds to load the page, visitors will go to another page. Well, as you may have read, the main form of web design trend is the tendency of the reaction. The user experience is one of the most important things in modern web design, and this year trend has now become the norm.

Even though not all of these web design trend predictions may prove right, the web was, is and will always be in continuous development. New patterns emerge every day, so you should not be afraid of trying new things, keeping in mind that we are moving towards simplification and accessibility of the web as a whole.

Check out infographic about The trends in web design for 2015 made by techinfographics: