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Design Trends 2015 – infographic


2015 is here and we think it’s a good year for design. So let’s look at the new design trends in 2015.

It is time to summarize the design trends that were most common when it comes to web design in the past year and what will continue from that in 2015. Of course, in a dynamic area such as web design, it is difficult to predict exactly what awaits us in the coming year, but several of these trends is certainly not going to change for a long time. Design trends are changing very often, primarily due to the development of new technologies, and we know that the technology often changes faster than we can keep up.

Periodic reports show a tendency towards greater use of mobile devices and it is expected that 2015 will be the beginning of a mobile boom. Mobile compatibility can no longer be ignored and is an important optimization of appropriate design and functioning properly on all devices. One of the design trends will be the modular design (which uses the network and blocks for integration of content) works great for responsive design because of its convenience, scaling and stacking. A large part of the web design is the provision of its flexibility.

It’s been a long time since the scrolling overcome the classic click and if you still think that you will help customers if there is no scrolling on website, then you are out of trend. Home page should be as comprehensive as possible, and this design trend will continue over the next years. Personalized Search is much more intuitive because it allows more dynamics, and interactions. The longer the site, along with responsive design, allowing users to scroll in relation to the click are much more efficient and more comfortable for mobile users. Not only will it reduce the load time of pages, but they are easier to use and allow more dynamic interaction with the user. For SEO optimization is also good to be longer side, because it keeps users longer on the first (home) page.

Flat design in 2014 had a huge impact and real effect of this design trend will be revealed in the 2015. Flat design allows for minimal and focused content and that’s what users want. The minimalist user interface develops and evolves into something more desirable for a mobile interface, “material design”. Material design is basically Google’s set of guidelines for better design for mobile devices. It supports the improvement of mobile browsers by strengthening the visual and motion experience. In other words, it is almost the same old design with layers, the subtle gradient and animation.

We see all the fonts on the Internet, they are great for inspiration and are useful for people who are not engaged in the design. Increasing use of various fonts is a novelty in the world design trends. Typography is given a wide range of fonts and styles that allow designers to have more choices when designing their websites. Also, it is important to adopt homogeneity and clarity when using an appropriate font, but the most critical aspect is to make a distinctive design that will enhance the appearance of your site. Typography in 2015 will be a big hit in design trends because of the availability of custom SVG fonts and Google fonts which are becoming more frequent and more usable. If you choose the flat design for your site then you’ll probably pick font that says something about you. Together with some unique, font, your site will not only get the personality but also the uniqueness. Just be sure that you have a spare font for times when something happens on the server.

If you follow design trends, then you know that one of the principles of good design is contrast. Minimal text on the big picture makes a huge opening statement on your website. Large and clear picture as wallpaper proved to be much better than a solid color or patterns. Therefore, more and more designers trying to selecting some authentic images or illustrations that make web site recognizable. Unless the idea is that the website is minimalist designed to create the impression of elegance, large and clear message will be the right choice for the theme of the site in the 2015.

Video clips are a great way to maintain purpose and uniqueness of the site, so do not hesitate to make a nice big picture or video on your home page. It is also a novelty in the world of design trends, and it’s great. Add an aesthetic touch to your website with elegant images. Featured tag lines and invisible button together with elegant figures give a winning recipe for a unique site.

New technologies for responsive redimensioning and optimization of the image will also be one of the things for the web designers who follow design trends. Web authoring tools will also find a revival with an increased emphasis on vertical motion.

The next step in web design trends will be flexible HTML5 video. Rich background allow better facilities. Vertical scrolling is also a great way to design content in an interactive narrative style similar to the magazine content. Appropriate design calls for “Lean Back” facilities that will enhance materials for more content.

In cooperation with the portal Coastal Creative Reprographics, we enclose infographic about Design Trends 2015: