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How We Use Cloud Technology in Everyday Life


What is cloud computing, computers in the clouds? By now we are all at least once heard about the term Cloud, cloud computing, whether on TV commercials, online, slogans and headlines…

Let’s talk about the whole principle of Cloud technologies for those who are interested in but not investigating anything. The idea is based on the fact that all the data which is essential for the user (applications, documents or anything else) is available anytime, of course, by the presence of the Internet network. So, Cloud is a provider of delivery service instead of the product itself.

Cloud provides us with applications, data access services for data storage and does not require user knowledge of the physical location of a system that provides us with service. The word cloud can be seen as a set of hardware, network, storage, services and interfaces that together comprise the service industry.

The cloud creates a space where people can easily and safely store pictures, videos, articles, and moments that your friends and family can view from everywhere, streamlining your online social life. The below infographic from cloud-hosting company SingleHop provides more information on how we use cloud technology in everyday life: