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Digital branding trends for 2015


Technology permeates daily life like never before. Computers, smart phones, 3D printers, new medical devices, sophisticated software, electrical circuits – all this is now available not only to residents of industrialized countries for almost everyone on the planet.

Trends are changing, but what can we expect in 2015? Once again we throw a look into the crystal ball and expect …

Purchase and send money through social networks … At least to some extent

About this was rumored for years and tested various options, but 2015 may finally be the year in which we can begin to realize the specific financial transactions through social networks. Social networking sites have ceased to be a place where only “hang out” with friends and acquaintances, and with this could become an online store where we meet with other people and communicate with them briefly. As a local shop where you meet neighbors and acquaintances.

Privacy on the Internet – still think that it exists?

If you are among those who think that you can hide your tracks online and how nobody knows what you’re doing online, then you are greatly mistaken. Privacy on the Internet – it no longer exists.

Privacy. Transparency. The future. Security. What awaits us in the coming years in the online world? A lot of good things and less beautiful. But if you think that you will still be able to do what you want, thinking that no one sees, then you are greatly mistaken. Privacy on the Internet will soon become a utopia, or may have already. The future of online privacy is very unclear.

For more interesting predictions for 2015, here is infographic about digital branding trends for 2015: