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Types Of Social Interactions Business Might Encounter

social media interactions in business

Social media interactions in business

Today, thanks to social media platforms, customers can easily communicate with various businesses. What comes to your mind first when you think of social interacting? I think about having real face to face conversation but, we are in 21st century and social media has bigger power over how people communicate and share information.

Communicating with millions of other people is now piece of cake as you are only required couple of key pressed buttons on phone,  so how can this affect your business? Customers now have chance to post reviews when dealing with businesses. Almost 9 from 10 people are reading reviews from other people when wanting to contact that specific business and this means that your online presence is really important for the success. There are so many social network platforms where users can post their reviews, and you should focus on your first contact making them top priority, whether there are bad or good situations.

Lets say customer is posting bad reviews. And what can you do? You can feel upset but what you can’t do is respond with anger. You got to be calmed down, making a good research of complaining, thus responding professionally and in positive manner, and in the end explain what are you going to do to fix the situation. If you do it like this, everybody else will see it and you also have much bigger chances to retain this customer. You are also gaining experience on how to act in bad situations like this one.

I don’t know if you are aware, but the study has shown that 70% people said that they can change their mind or thoughts about brand depending on what kind of response they get from company. Customers will have questions for you or your company, of course. For example, on Twitter, half of customers that ask some question are expecting answer within hour from business. And 4 from 10 customers will think negatively toward that company if question is not answered within that time limit. Questions that are asked have to be responded promptly. They expect service to be quick and for you it’s important to deliver that. Ensure that the questions is answered by right person from your company.

Do not make mistake and put links where your customers can search for the right answer. You need to be that source for giving them the right information. If you can handle customer social interaction in the right way you can boost loyalty of your brand and your business will grow.