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Improve Happiness At Work

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Improve Happiness at Work

There was study conducted on almost 200 million people, and it was found out that only 13% of workers said they are happy at work. Those who said that are happy are almost 40% fueled by motivation, twice productive and 6 times more energized in comparing with unhappy workers. But did you know that 50% of happiness is being influenced purely by genetics? The other 50% is up to you. If you want to make yourself feel happy, you need to learn what best works for you. When you discover it, everything else will fall in a place like a puzzle. It will not only improve your work performance but its also very good for the health of your being.

So, how can you increase your happiness at workplace? First remember that you and only you are in charge of your own happiness. There are always 2 options. Make most out of one you already got or find another job.

If you are the owner of company you probably ask yourself how happy your employees actually are, and does it really matters? Happy people are more productive, so it’s not just idea but really wise investment. Each one of your workers should be reminded of her or his strength and how they are positively contributing to your company. Try to expand their duties and responsibilities so it matches their strengths. They will get a sense of achievement and progress.

Happiness is connected to creativity too. When you are with your workers, try to be less dominate with ideas of your own. Let them come up with their new ideas, but make sure that their goals are matching the mission of your company. Keep the workers fully informed. Just one negative thing or rumor can spread through entire company and destroy their relationship. Workers will trust you even more because they will see how open you are to them.

One project that was done 6 years ago proved that 80% of workers would feel much happier with more flexible time table. Help your workers to get their work-life balance right. Believe that the best things are yet to come, don’t just tell it to yourself. Have optimistic and positive approach to future. If you apply these tips and strategies you wont just improve happiness at company and your workers but also in your private life as well as emotional intelligence. Have fun and pick the right people that resonate with you.