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Different Types of Social Media Users

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You know that your business needs a fan page on Facebook and you want to as many people click “Like”. However, some fans should rejoice a little more than others. We bring you few types of users on social networks which you should aspire. From early adopters to eternal haters, all of them by clicking “like” on the page of your brand helps on some way. Also we attached infographic with more types of social media users which you can check below.

Early adopter
Why do you need such follower? They are familiar with all the new information, just as a sponges for news. They’re easy to recognize by the high level of knowledge about the development of social networks and commenting on all the news.

Social sharer
After he met with everything through chain mails, now mostly communicate by sharing various links, retweets, Facebook, news and Pinterest board. You will recognize these type of social media user by passionate using ags, and it is very likely that he puts on all social networks the same links and news. Social sharer is very grateful as a follower for your posts to spread to other social networks.

Born followers
Born follower will follow for a simple reason: because others are doing the same. You will recognize them in that they are more type of silent watchers, they don’t comment nor entangle in something. However, if hey are attracted to your brand, they can be developed in Popular powerhouse.

Popular powerhouse
The person who with one post stirs everyone’s passion and “earns” 200 comments, 135 retweet and a couple dozen users transfer their post. They’re easy to recognize by their followers. Once they like your brand, you will suddenly be faced with the inrush on your page. We think that we should not further explain why you need such type of social media users.

Basement-dwelling haters
They are “boring” and completely “lame”, but on their arrival on your fan page you should be see as a positive thing. Most dissatisfied customers want you to answer them, and in this way you can change their mind, is a plus when others can see that you value each client and have time to listen any criticism. In these situations, it is absolutely forbidden to delete the comment.

Below is infographic with more types of social media users: