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Social Media Infographic for Small Business : Social Media Mastery

The use of social media for marketing and communication purposes  is sometimes associated with large organizations. Why? Because  to effectively use social media you need to have budget, time and enough staff to perform tasks. And that is  something what is lacking in some SMEs (Small and medium enterprises). But is that really so? Answer is – No! Here is great overview and social media infographic, which clearly shows, that social media also provide opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Small and Medium Enterprises Loves Social Media

That shows the following social media infographic presented in collaboration with MarketMeSuite and Placester. Infographic gives tips on how small businesses can effectively use social media in order to increase user engagement.The figures show that entrepreneurs from SMEs recognize the potential of social media. More than half entrepreneurs spend at least 10 minutes per day on social media marketing. And eighty percent want to increase the use of social media this year. (The figures are based on the SMEs in the United States.)

Why Do Entrepreneurs Use Social Media?

The next question is, for what purpose the entrepreneurs use social media? The majority indicated that reason is,obviously, to reach customers and larger audience. More than half said that customers expect them to be on social media. Not surprisingly, half of entrepreneurs stated, that they use social media as an engagement tool for 2-way conversation.

Tips for Social Media Usage

To increase success on social media, social media infographic points out some really good tips. Which allows small business social media marketing to be used effectively and increase online success.

  • Share valuable content that evokes interaction, such as interviews, video turtorials or webinars;
  • Be there at the right time on social networks where your target  located is;
  • Start a discussion and ask questions yourself, so that the discussion remains ‘alive’;
  • Put a social network as customer service;
  • Limit the number of accounts which you are active. Keep track on your social activities.