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10 Types of visual content for improving social engagement


At the beginning of 2014 a lot has been written and predicted the role of the visual content in digital marketing. One thing was certain – that will eventually be more and more important. It happened, and currently its role is immense.

According to some researches, average attention people devote to content is just 2.8 seconds. In digital marketing that is the period in which you have the opportunity to gain the attention of users – or lose.

People are visual creatures – up to 90 percent of information that reach our brains represent visual information. Content with quality visual elements is not only excellent “bait” to attract the attention of users, but it’s more often shared on social networking sites and other digital channels.

Creatively designed infographics that present certain information will certainly attract more clicks and more will be shared by the articles which consists of the same information, but only in text format. Video infographic will have equally good effects, if not better. Creating a visual content in digital marketing is not as simple as it may seem and is far from throwing a few random photos on profiles on social networks. There are a variety of digital outlets which is why should be taken more effort to prepare each of them with a goal to use the best of the visual element to all digital platforms that individual company serves in communicating with customers. Below you can check infographic which will help you in creating great visual content:

visual content infographic