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The Business of Social Media


Social media have changed or significantly undermined some old business models but created numerous new opportunities. The change is particularly evident in the “traditional” media and a number of technology companies are created and thrive because of social networks. In the industry of consumer goods are extremely changed modes of communication, marketing, operation of customer service and product placement. All these functions can be partly perform through social media.

The most successful campaigns today are precisely integrated campaigns that actively involves consumers and intensive use of social meadia. Social networks can allow you to boost short-term communication, launch new products, improve customer service and even to improve sales but do not forget the long-term cumulative effect on the value of the company and brand.

If you are wondering what an individual, business or organization makes a successful on a social media, the answer is that we need to understand the purpose of social networks that are used for bringing the situation in your business. Understand the purpose will help you in your business strategy, tactics and reports. Whether it is a B2C or B2B business, opportunities first need to know that you exist, and they must gain trust in you before they decide to buy. Strategies on social networks must be focused on building quality relationships, which include listening, attract and interact with the industry in general, potential opportunities and customers. This definitely precedes success in collecting opportunities, converting opportunities into customers and recommendations. Now, below you can check out the infographic which shows the real value in social media for business: