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Understanding Internet of Things (IoT)

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Internet of things (IoT) has many different definitions, and one of the shortest is a global network that connects smart things. This definition is now perhaps the most widespread interpretation where smart devices are actively involved in the communication. These are usually sensors or actuators, although can be connected and other types of devices such as computing resources, data storage device, to communicate with users and others.

The word thing says that people do not communicate but only devices that autonomously generate and use data. An example of such a device can be a thermometer, car, garage door or any other thing. Other things may then use this information, for example, the electric motor can open the windows if the value received from the thermometer exceeds a threshold temperature.


All of this is technically possible long time ago and such applications have existed for a long time. The reason why are we now talking about the IoT is the number of devices connected to the Internet, which is growing exponentially. Internet of things is one of today’s popular related terms based on connecting daily-used things on the Internet. Some of the related terms are ubiquitous / pervasive computing, communication machine with the machine, the Network of intelligent senses, internet of everything…

Definitions vary in perspective and wide overview of the processes that are happening. But most of them are talking about everyday things connecting to the Internet, which enables the measurement, collection, storage, visualization, data exchange with other things and people or performing tasks on the basis of the information received. Connecting devices can be wirelessly and provides new opportunities for interaction and brings new possibilities of their control, monitoring and delivery of advanced services.

Although the smart household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, blenders, smoke detectors and security systems, are still quite expensive and poorly spread, experts predict that in the near future, every device in the home will communicate with one another. It is expected that the device market for Internet of things by 2024 will grow to $ 1.7 billion and constitute 50 billion devices.

So, below is video infographic which explaines the IoT, check it out: