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Maximizing Engagement With Video Marketing: Tips For Creating Interactive Content

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Content, be it in the form of written content or a video, helps in creating brand awareness and improves the sales of a given product or brand.

Audiovisual content is one of the most interactive forms of content because the audience can not only read what is there on the screen but also listen to the sound and see pictures in motion.

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How To Make Your Videos More Appealing For Your Audience

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Video content can be in the form of a GIF, a live video and movie, a customer testimonial, a tutorial etc. All of these can be improved to a great extent with the use of some tips and tricks that are listed below.

Focus On The Duration

Make videos that are no longer than a few minutes. Today there is a plethora of information that is out there. The abundance of information has shortened the attention span of most viewers.

So if you create something that goes on for thirty or forty minutes at a stretch, then the busy viewer is more likely to give your creation a miss and prefer something more crisp.

The easiest trick to create compact content is to include only what is absolutely necessary and leave out all the unnecessary elements. You may be emotionally attached to something that you may have created, but it is necessary to use the editing scissor more often than not.

It is challenging to make a short-duration audiovisual message because you may miss out on passing on all the vital information when the duration is too short, But with practice, you will get better at conveying your message in a short and attractive manner that will garner the support of the audience.

Create An Engaging Title And Thumbnail

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The first thing that a potential viewer sees when a video suggestion pops up on the screen of his mobile phone or laptop is the title. If the title is engaging and interesting, only then will he click to view the content, or else he will scroll down the screen of his phone and ignore your content. So create a title that is short, attractive and evokes the curiosity of the audience.

However, it is essential not to use clickbait when writing a title for your content. Clickbait is a malpractice where a person creates a misleading title so that the viewer clicks on the video. However, clickbait might give you good views for the first few occasions that you use them, but it will eventually backfire.

Apart from the title, you must also focus on the thumbnail. The thumbnail is the image that appears when the video is displayed to the viewer. Usually, the most interesting frame is chosen as the thumbnail so that the viewer is inclined to click and view the content.

Pay Attention To The Audio And Subtitles

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When you shoot your content, the sound recording should be free of background noise. Also, the mic or the instruments required to capture the sound should be such that the voice quality in the final video is good.

Many of your viewers may have different levels of auditory impairment, and if you wish to create content that caters to a large number of people, then paying attention to the audio quality is a must.

Moreover, not everybody is an auditory learner; some people comprehend things better if they can see the text, so you must create accurate subtitles for whatever is said in the audio. If you wish to create content that will be shared and used by people all over the world, then having subtitles in multiple languages really helps spread the message far and wide.

Add Features Like Hotspots, Overlays And Time Triggers

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Features like a hotspot allow a viewer to click or tap on a video so that he can take another action, like adding an item to the cart or getting more information about a product. Likewise, overlays allow creators to add elements that can be displayed anywhere on the screen during the course of the video.

Again, there is a feature called the time trigger. This feature allows the creator to launch an element like an overlay at a given time, even if the viewer takes no action. Adding all these features is not very challenging; however, if you have trouble adding these features, you can always take help from a professional video-making studio.

Review The Feedback

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The last yet most crucial thing when it comes to creating meaningful and engaging content is to review the feedback that you get from the audience. There are many analytical tools that are available in the market that monitor and analyze the response that you get from the viewers.

If the viewers leave a comment or share your video, that is seen as positive engagement. However, if they leave your audiovisual content midway, never to return, that is considered a negative form of engagement.

You should analyze the viewer’s engagement and see which quarters require improvement. If all your viewers are complaining about the video quality, work on that; if people are complaining about the audio quality, then work on that and so on.


Creating audiovisual content that is engaging and appealing to the masses is not easy. If you want to create content that appeals to the viewers for long periods, you have to pay attention to all the essential elements of audiovisual content, such as sound, title, sub-title, thumbnail, overlays etc.

Today there is tough competition in the field of creating audiovisual content. If you want your content to make a mark in the market, you must seek professional help so that your hard work pays off and people start taking an interest in what you create.