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What Am I Worth- Understanding Salary

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What Am I Worth- Understanding Salary

When you are starting to negotiate your monthly salary with your boss, do you actually know what you’re doing and how much you’re truly worth and how can you find out that? In order to be successful negotiator you have to know how good deals are looking like and what is average salary for the specific job. First you need to perform the research of the value of your market. Networking is one of the ways to get information that is fresh. You can identify with individuals who are on same position or position you want to be and find out how much are their earnings and working conditions.

Attend meetings and try to connect with other people who are searching for jobs or already working somewhere and compare their responsibilities and duties at work. So how much should you ask for? Many business have their structures of salaries for their organizations. Specific job title in company holds specific range of salary. If you are targeting salary within range that is realistic you will need to negotiate it from stronger position then you are now.  But also, prepare yourself very well, highlight and prove your abilities and skills. But, don’t sound greedy, have a win win agreement in your mind when talking to employer. If you are at job interview when employer asks for the requirements of your salary tell them you are negotiable. Don’t be first who starts the subject of salary discussion, instead of that, wait for employer to bring that up, even if that happens in second interview.

Never accept a final offer during interview. Give a sense of strong interests but tell the interviewer you will negotiate a date with your decision. The truth is that sometimes in this crazy world, even an extra dollar or $5 can mean so much to someone.