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YouTubers who have earned the most in 2015


The digital age has led to the emergence of digital stars. Of course in the beginning no one could even dreamed that through this site can earn a lot of money, and only from making video. Couple Youtubers managed to put incredible records and their channels have over 10 million followers. This job is often called dream job, because you simply making clips while having fun and taking money. Youtubers still say that this is a business like any other, there is a lot of sacrifice and it takes a lot of time to make clips of better quality. It is true that the work is fun, but that it’s easy – not true. There is more and more people who make videos and this business is slowly becoming a business of the future.

Social media have brought a real revolution in terms of how exactly someone becomes ‘well-known and famous’. ‘Rather than it is available only to politicians, billionaires or popular actors, the fame is now possible for everyone – even for their pets! Adding that instead of the usual formula where money leads to a position among the stars, in recent times things are going in reverse direction – particularly when it comes to YouTube.youtubers 2015