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Guide To Internet Of Things 2024


Internet of Things is a concept that is increasingly heard in everyday communication and it is a concept that is slowly becoming mainstream, and will probably soon become a part of everyday life.

It is difficult to give a precise definition. We could say that this is a kind of technological revolution which is the future of computing and communications, and its development depends on technical innovations in a number of important areas from wireless to nanotechnology.

Internet of Things is simply, the name of the small, network attached devices that come with a variety of sensors to collect data and analyzing it. Today we have a much examples of these devices, eg. In the form of fitness tracker from Fitbit and Jawbone’s.

When speaking of the Internet of Things wearable technology is closely linked to this term. Wearable technology is by far the largest trend in the recent time. This is a device connected to the Internet or wirelessly connected to your smartphone or tablet, which are worn on the body. Whether incorporated into clothing and shoes, whether they are intended as bracelets, headphones, watches, glasses and similar jewelry or medical devices.

In the future everything will be connected to the Internet. According to forecasts on the Internet by 2024 will be turned over 50 billion different things and devices. The new reality opens the door to new applications and the economic models that will again strongly influence the ways of doing business, but also the lives of communities and individuals.

Below you can learn more about internet of things in the infographics which explains all you need to know and shows what we can expect in the future: