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Everything You Didn’t Know About Internet Of Things


Tennis racket that will help you to improve your performance? The toothbrush that will alert you when you skip a spot? The entire house that  know when it’s hot, when you’re cold and if you want breakfast? Welcome to the Internet of things!

What are we talking about?

Internet of things (also known as IoT). We will simplify this concept – it does not answer the question, “What things?” But the question “Internet of what?”. “Things,” collect data, synchronized with the central applications or servers and help you to improve the way of life, making decisions – or simply make your life easier.

You’re already part of the Internet of things

If you have a smartphone, you’re already part of the Internet of things. The most common smartphone is equipped with sensors – an accelerometer, compass, GPS, altimeter … You can keep track of your health, speed of movement – even if it was in the car, the power of the earthquake, and many other factors.

With your smartphone, you can manage many other gadgets, and even whole house. If you invest in smart home – you will be able to control the thermostat, lights, door locks and car. You might think “why do I need this?”, But you’ve probably thought the same thing when a long time ago someone said to you that you will be able to access the Internet and watch movies on cell phone.

The development of technology leads to greater market saturation, higher saturation of the market leading to price reductions and is only a matter of time before we unlock the apartment door from the office and when we will be able to immediately see on display of smartphone the answer to the question “Did I leave the TV on?”. These operations are already possible, but not yet sufficiently widespread. The physical world will be just as responsive as virtual.

What do you know about Internet of Things (IoT)? In infographics below are gathered and analyzed the most recent data in order to explore the concept of IoT, as well as its main features and solutions. Check this infographics out and learn more about the IoT’s potential growth, its division by business sectors and the ways famous brands use it for their profit and development:

Internet of Things