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Understanding The Requirements For A UK Spouse Visa: 7 Things To Know 2024

Understanding The Requirements For A UK Spouse Visa: 7 Things To Know 2024

Getting a visa for another country allows you to stay in that country. However, when it comes to the most developed countries of the world, there is a huge rush to get permits to stay in those countries. The authorities are also quite strict when it comes to processing and checking the documentation related to staying and work permits.

However, you need not worry if you have all the proper documents and you meet all the eligibility criteria. This article shares some common facts that you must know before you apply for a UK spouse visa.

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What All Do You Need If You Wish To Stay In Britain With Your Spouse

What Are The Basic Requirements That You Must Fulfil Before You Apply?

You Must Be Legally Married To Each Other

It goes without saying that the first condition to obtain a permit to stay with your husband or wife in Britain is to be married legally. The term legally means that both the husband and the wife must be above eighteen years of age.

In most countries of the world, eighteen years is taken as the age of adulthood. So if two people are above eighteen and married to each, it means that their marriage has been solemnised with their free and willing consent.

Again the marriage should be the result of some sort of agreement. Many people take malicious routes to gain entry into countries like England and the US. So if you want to enter Britain on the basis of being married to a resident of Britain, then your marriage should be a result of some sort of agreement.

Also, if you are seeking a permit to live in another foreign country because your husband or wife usually resides in that country, then you must intend to live in that country with him on a permanent basis.

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Your Spouse Or Your Sponsor Should Be Able To Finance Your Stay In The Foreign Land

If you wish to stay in another country on the premise that your spouse stays there, then your spouse should have enough financial resources to sponsor your stay in Britain. So there is a figure of eighteen thousand and six hundred dollars per year that your spouse must earn to make you eligible for a visa. 

Alternatively, if your spouse has enough savings or property, then too you can be eligible for a visa. The financial requirements ensure that at any given point in time, you are able to sustain yourself in Britain, and you do not pose a burden on the public exchequer or the public funds which are meant to help underprivileged citizens of the UK.

You Must Have A Suitable Accommodation In Britain

Just like the minimum financial eligibility, you must also have suitable accommodation in Britain. If your spouse has his own accommodation in the country, you will not become homeless in the country at any point in time. 

Thus, you will have your own accommodation, and the public authorities will not have to accommodate you in the facilities that are meant for homeless citizens.

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You Must Be Proficient In The Native Language Of England

If you wish to stay in England on a long-term basis, then you must be able to speak, understand and communicate properly with the locals in the native language that is English. So if you are not a native English speaker, you may have to take an English proficiency test to be eligible to get the visa.

Can You Work When You Are Permitted To Live In England Because Of Your Spouse?

The straightforward answer is yes, you can work in England if you obtain a visa as a dependent of your husband or your wife. 

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What Is The Processing Time, And How Long Is The Validity?

When it comes to permits for staying in a foreign land, the processing times and the paperwork involved can be quite a nightmare. 

However, when you are applying to the British authorities, the processing time should be between two to twelve weeks. That you should get your permit within three months from the date on which you submit your complete application along with all the supporting documents.

However, the typical processing time varies quite a bit based on the country from which you are applying. If your home country has good diplomatic relations with Britain, then the processing times should be short or less. You must be prepared to wait for a long time.

However, once you have received approval, then your papers should be valid for a period of thirty to thirty-three months, depending on the place from which you are applying. If you are already in England at the time of applying, then you will get approval for thirty months, but if you are in some other country at the time of applying, then you will get approval for thirty-three months.

What Are The Options For Extension Of Stay?

As you have seen above, you initially get approval to stay for, at the most, thirty months. So it is obvious that you will need an extension if you wish to stay with your spouse permanently. So you can apply for an extension for an additional thirty months. 

You can also apply for an indefinite stay in England. But if you wish to be eligible for the indefinite stay permit, you must continue to fulfil all the criteria, that is, financial stability, being married to a resident of Britain etc. Once you obtain an indefinite stay licence, you can eventually apply for full-fledged citizenship in the country.

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Dependants of people who are residents or citizens of Uk like spouses and young children, can get visa documents quite readily. However, you must ensure to submit all the supporting documents and be honest when applying for the permits if you want the entire process to be smooth and free of hassles.