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Trends That Will Change The Way We Work in 2016

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The way we work has changed through years, the technology we use is more developed and corporate culture is different. Employers are becoming more aware and take more care about their employees, because if an employee is happy and satisfied, he will work better and more efficiently. With innovation turning out to be more better each year, here are the top 10 trends that will change the way we work in 2016:

infographic top trends work 2016

Remote Working

Remote working normally depends on a web company, PC, and telephone to perform certain tasks far from the workplace. People that work these types of jobs are called telecommuters, whether they are representatives, temporary workers or business people. Remote workers are much less stressed, well connected, more engaged and they cost less.

These are some of the expectations from your future company if you ever wanna do this work : Information section, virtual help reporting, online mentoring, content engineering or blogging. If you are planning to do remote working you could apply for being a programmer, web planner, researcher, promoter, social worker, medicine worker, worker in administration. There are countless possibilities.

A large number of organizations are searching for remote workers. If you want to be a flexible worker, you must produce a work plan that you can adapt to. That means sticking to your timetable, or calendar dates, this also requires an interaction between worker and administrator.

Today we see that some people are working with their laptops or on smartphones on different kind of places. This is the new generation of people, they are also called Millennials. The term is used for the people who were born between 1980-2000’s. They have an alternate perspective of world because people born in that time had a period of quick change.



Work-Life Balance

I think that in life, its very important to have a good balance between work and your private time.  Its a hard challenge to work remote for your company and having a nice individual life. Sometimes people put additional hours in work, or making their phones accessible all the time so that companies can reach them any time needed, if they’re not physically at work. And at this point, private life can be “disrupted”.

Every job is stressful, even if you work remotely, not all of your days will be the same, there will be variations. There’s no winning formula in this so you gotta adjust yourself the best you can. Do your best at work, and make proud your boss or company, or your coworkers, and even if no one praises you today, congratulate yourself. When you do work this way, you are a man that gets things done. This way people will tell you they need you in their group. Be hard working, have a straight forward ideas and clear directions, concentrate on them and say to yourself those are the key segments of your day. Think about your family and all dear people you care about, tasks are then not that hard to achieve.

Workplace Diversity

Its also great to have a diversity at work place. It really should not matter what race, sexual orientation, age,  or identity you or your coworkers are. Its important how you and others see themselves as well as how they see others. Actually a lot of job employers are searching for diversity at their company.

Applications for more efficient work

More and more organizations are getting smarter about which of applications they’re using. And how those apps can work together when connected and bring more flexibility to work. They can also use programs to collect a lot of important data for their business, I think 2016 could be very vital when it comes to this subject because our technology is advancing so fast.

At work in some situations people can spend a lot of time arguing who’s fault is something that happened, or who’s in charge over specific parts of the job. This is why I believe every serious company should have a list of obligations for each workers so that they could take responsibility or particular assignments. This way every other person on the group will know with what he or she is dealing with and could ask a right question or request direction.

The relationship between employer and employees


Whats really important is that you must trust your employees. If I was owner of some big company I would be very picky deciding who to choose to work for me. Choose the individuals who share similar methodology like yours, see their qualities on a job meeting and prepare them on time, make sure they are ready for competitors. Try to thrive for consistent improvement and think outside the box.