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Top e-Learning Trends in 2016


Top e-Learning Trends in 2016

If there is one thing that is for sure, it’s the rise of e-learning. Today we see how every month there are some new online options for learning while traditional classroom environments are slowly incorporating new technologies in their system. Even though there is no guarantee for what future is holding, we can take a closer look and see what new things are around the corner when it comes to the industry of e-learning.

First big trend is automation. Many educational experts are predicting that this year automation will be one of key aspects of both processing and creation. This means that providers of content will be using number of solutions in automated way that will create new learning materials and course, at the same time saving money and time. Elements of coursework such as quizzes, tests and exercise will all be tools that needs to be recognized as the aspects of future testings.

Next on the list of top trends is augmented learning. This is area that is still under development but we can see that virtual reality devices such as Google Glasses or Apple watch are already part of our everyday lives. Augmented reality is offering really great values for the learners to adapt in its environments. Market for augmented reality is growing with super speed, this is no surprise as just in 3 past years there’s an estimated growth of amazing number of more then 200 million users.

Big data is practically everywhere, and in the field of e-learning too. It’s perfectly clear that each year we have more and more information to process and centers for learning will have to use tools that are created especially for analytics of big data to make some sense of the information that is user generated. This will improve the courses and people will be able to custom tailor every activity of e-learning while at the same time gaining insights into preferences and behaviors of learning which is very valuable. The use of cloud services is in the rising. Companies are embracing the security, comfort and functionality of the cloud even though still many people believe that the idea of keeping all your data on public servers is not a good idea.I think that the students will benefit from cloud services, as they will assist the learning process in much ways.

The rise of mobile technology is all over the world. Together with this, there’s sure trend of m-learning to be followed by this. Some experts in the industry go so far saying that m-learning will dominate over e-learning in market. If you think this is little extreme consider that mobile is dominating other areas also. Learners will have all the knowledge accessible at any time required. All of this technology trends are pointing to one thing, the growth of e-learning and its personalization.

It is perfectly clear that this year will be revolutionary for the field of e-learning. It’s all about better approach to the learning by adjusting speed of instructions and letting people to choose their own learning path.  I think this year  e-learning will totally change how we manage knowledge and approach to instructions.