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tech trends 2016

The world’s largest consumer electronics trade show, known by the acronym CES, is an excellent measure of what we can expect this year in various tech segments. At this year’s show in Las Vegas could be seen a huge improvement in the areas of robotics, drones, 3D printer, self driving vehicles and much more.

According to various booths at the fair, is not difficult to judge what was coming for consumers – not only in the field of home electronics, but also on a professional level. The development of the presented equipment brought us one step closer to an automated future, given that all these devices are becoming smarter and easier to use.

Drones, for whose management used to be required many hours of practice in order to avoid catastrophic collisions, now perform stunts in the air, avoiding obstacles with ease. Utility robots also become part of everyday life. At airports, hotels and hospital corridors, they are replaced by people for a lot less pay and no objections to overtime.

Robots for home use can vacuum and clean the large windows. Engineers are working to develop vehicles that are moving itself and point out that they have achieved enormous progress in computer power and capabilities for observation. In 2016, 3D printers will become almost indispensable for every household, while these machines on a professional level, on which you can print metal parts, begin to change all industries.

Experts agree that progress in tech segments, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, devices that are wearable and personal means of transport, promises that 2016 will be a very exciting year.