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Top 10 Visual Commerce Trends for 2016


People are visual creatures – up to 90 percent of information that reach our brains represent visual information. Accordingly, the digital marketing has to give more attention to investing in its visual segment, creating a course that will quickly gain users focus and “force” them to spend as much time with what is presented. Content with quality visual elements is not only excellent “bait” to attract the attention of users, but it’s more often shared on social media and other digital channels.

Creating attractive visual elements that comprise the complex information that users can very quickly absorb, digital marketing is in step with the habits of Internet users whose attention is often very scattered due to the amount of information with which they are in daily contact.

The rules of marketing has changed. With billions of images shared daily, consumers now have more opportunities than ever to discover awesome products and useful content – however they may go. The result? Brands are now facing a growing need to tie visual content to commerce. With a new year on the horizon, here’s what you need to know, everything is in this infographic below which shows visual commerce trends for 2016:

Visual commerce trends for 2016