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The Benefits of Video Marketing


Video marketing has become increasingly popular because it allows brands and companies to engage with customers in a more personal way. Videos are able to capture a viewer’s attention more than simple images, which give you the opportunity to better communicate your message.  In this article we’ll present significant scats on video marketing and the potential impact it can have on the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

Why video marketing?

  • By creating interesting or useful video, you gain trust and increase interaction
  • The video is interesting to look at, especially if the topic is “how to do something.”
  • The viewer can see the benefits of product or service and evaluate its method of use, appearance and size
  • The viewer can “rewind” the video and look at it few times
  • Video is easier to remember than plain text, allows picture and sound
  • Video is more shared and consumed compared to other forms of content

These advantages indicate the possibilities of video and how you can fulfill your marketing goals!

How to make a good video?

  • Be creative and produce something interesting – your team, working day, unobtrusive user testimonials…
  • Create useful video content – perhaps the easiest form of realization is the “How to” video, how your product or service should be used
  • Prepare the subject of the video – what do you want to achieve, which benefits to show where you need to capture it and with what equipment
  • Check out the examples for inspiration – competition / internationally / best practices
  • Consult with your content marketing experts

Below you can check infographic in which you will discover different facts, stats,benefits of video marketing and more: