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Top 10 Mobile Apps of the Month


The Google Play app store and Apple app store were exploded in recent years, with a proliferation of apps that can cater to your every need. The huge quantity of apps doesn’t mean they’re all quality – far from it in fact. To make sure you never install a duff app here’s our selection of the best 10 you should install right now. The problem is: there are just too many of them. In its latest magazine, Mreža (Bug.hr) tracks the top 10 apps that have attracted our attention in recent time, so we made this interesting infographic.



 1. Buzz Launcher-Smart&Free Theme

We all know that Android allows full “customization”: you can spend days and days playing with backgrounds, icons, widgets and effects. If you do not have the time and inclination, and yet you want to brighten up the interface of your smartphone, try the Buzz Launcher. You can choose from the hundreds of thousands of ready-made themes and replace it with one swipe when you get bored of it. Available on Android only.


2. Instabridge – Wifi passwords

Each of us has happened to desperately searching for free WiFi signal in someone else (or even your own) city. There jumps Instabridge: using crowd-sourcing base with more than 200,000 passwords will refer you to the nearest place where you can connect to the internet for free. It is not without bugs, but it is so convenient that you may decide to replace the WiFi manager built into Android with this practical app. Available on Android only.

3. Status – auto status updates

Do you want that someone – your colleagues, or the love of your life always knows where you are and what is your current occupation? In the early days of social networks we have handled that so that we wrote statuses like “I soon home” or “Oops, my battery is low”. Today’s smartphones already know it all by themselves, and Status writes “statuses” for you! Available on Android and iOS.




4. AirDroid 3

Most versatile application to connect Android smartphones / tablets  and PC / Mac computers. You can exchange documents, share an Internet connection, use the monitor as a mobile phone screen, manage mobile phone from your computer: reply to text messages, use the camera phone for monitoring… This application is for those who feel a bit schizophrenic when they can not synchronize multiple devices. 😀 Available on Android only.


5. ExpressVPN

If you want at any price use Spotify, Netflix, Pandora or any other such service that is only available in the US? Exspress VPN, mobile and computer application will convince you that you actually are in the US (or any other country where service in which you’re interested is available). It is also useful for air ticket because their price often depends on your location. Cost: 12.95 USD per month (you get discount for more months). Available on Android and iOS.


6. MediSafe

You have someone in the family that you are concerned about would they take medication on time? This application will remind that person when it’s time for a medication, and if he passes that, you will get notification through the cloud. Also is interesting that it will remind you when it is time to get a new dose of medication. Cool factor: if one day you have an android wear device, the notification will pop up on its screen too. Available on Android and iOS.


7. TickTick

This is one of the best to-do task manager – perhaps not the best but certainly at the top, especially if you are looking for free solution and does not pay attention too much on design. TickTick won us on its location reminder: you will get a pop up reminder when the next time you find yourself at a particular location (for example, next to a shop in which you have to buy something) or when you go home from work / or from home to not forget anything. Avaiable on Android and iOS.


8. WunderWalk

Going for a walk? Turn WunderWalk on and mark your route, as well as all the attractions along it to others can get to know them. And when you find yourself in an unfamiliar city, rather than look around the main square, walk through hidden streets and peek into some charming courtyard which is marked by some local connoisseur. Visit the content you care about most and in any city be like home. Available on Android and iOS.




9. Purrge

If notifications like “Not enough memory to capture video” or “Memory full” often pop out on the screen of your iPhone, you might have to delete several thousand photos that you are eventually filled the album with. This could be really torture if you do not have Purrge by which you can do with a few simple swipes and gestures. Available on iOS only.



10. PeakFinder Earth

If you go to the mountains, or at least on a nearby hill from which the view extends to the mountain peaks, you will certainly be of interest to which peaks are around you. PeakFinder knows them all, and works offline and all over the world. Explore more mountains than any mountaineer! It shows the names of all mountains and peaks with a 360 ° panorama display. PeakFinder knows more than 250’000 peaks – from Mount Everest to the little hill around corner. Available on Android and iOS.