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Wearable technology – infographic


Wearable technology: The biggest technological trend of the future!

Soon, we will literally wear technology – from smart watches and glasses to the shirt with sensors that will warn us on improper practice or a bra that will help in the early detection of breast cancer.

One of the increasingly popular technology trends that could mark our near future is wearable technology, products which are a combination of garments or devices such as watches and sunglasses and electronics. Some analysts and journalists even believe that such smart devices could partly replace smart phones as a primary communication devices and believe that in a few years a large number of people, instead of mobile phones, could use watches and glasses.

Through devices like eg. Google glasses really in the future could change the way we communicate and review the most important information from the internet and social networks. Although these glasses and their numerous possibilities seem extremely interesting question is whether people get used to this (unusual) way of using wearable technology. Namely, we can only wonder how the future will look if for 5-6 years a large number of people will use these glasses as today they use smart phones – they will walk through the streets completely unaware of things and events around them, it will look odd as they try to take pictures and record videos with these glasses, instead of talking with friends, constantly ‘talk’ with glasses.

In addition to gadgets, is expected that the most wearable technology will be applied to clothing – eg. In the future we can expect shirts with various sensors and chips that will monitor our heart rate and blood pressure and the information will be sent to mobile devices that will analyze them through special applications.

In the case of health problems, applications could immediately notify the user and book an appointment with his doctor who would send all the data related to the health of the beneficiaries. Also, there will be a bra that, thanks to sensors that collect data on temperature changes in the breast tissue and upload them to a special Internet service for analysis, can detect breast cancer.

In addition to health, this wearable technology, or clothing with sensors is also ideal for sports because it can monitor the activities of athletes and eg. Can indicate when they exercise incorrectly and through mobile applications show them how to exercise.

Another way the use of wearable technology has recently been introduced by Motorola – special tattoos and pills that transmit signals that serve as codes for access to computers, smart phones and online services, but it is hard to believe that someone in the morning will drink a pill so he will not have to manually enter password to access mail, Facebook, Internet banking and other online services.

Although many wearable technology still seems to be abstract concept and people do not want to wear conceived shirts or glasses that will constantly attack them with numerous notifications (among others and, of course, commercials), it is certain that in the future we can expect a growing number of such products and likely that we will eventually accept it and wear it.

Below is great infographic about new, interesting and unusual wearable technology: