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Top 10 mobile apps of the month March – infographic


The number of applications available on Google Play last year surpassed the number of applications available on the Apple App Store. Google Play is at the end of 2014 numbered 1.43 million applications, while the number of applications on the App Store “stuck” at 1.21 million. Third place on the list of the most popular mobile applications stores expected went to the Amazon App Store, which has a population of 293 000 applications, although it experienced a jump of 90% in the fourth quarter of 2014. Windows Store was not included in the report.

A large increase in the number of experienced development teams reported on Google Play, and the same is the third consecutive year was significantly higher than the number of developers who sell their products on Apple’s App Store. Google Play reported approximately 400,000 developers and Apple’s App Store approximately 300,000 developers. Amazon has only 50,000 developers.

Like the previous month, this month we also bring you the top 10 mobile apps (iOS and Android) which attracted our attention and that might be useful to everyone in everyday life.



1st place of top 10 mobile apps goes to Sidechef: SideChef makes learning to cook accessible, easy, and fun at any skill level by giving you step-by-step photos, instructions, and voice commands. It also makes every step easily shareable, from browsing recipes to purchasing ingredients to celebrating the final meal. SideChef is made to welcome novice cooks to the kitchen and to help intermediate and advanced cooks hone skills and share their own creations. This app was lovingly built by a team that believes cooking can be for everyone.


2nd place of top 10 mobile apps goes to SpeakerPhone Ex: SpeakerPhone Ex (Extended) is a simple application that stays in the background and does not take extra battery power. It adds a few extra features to your Speaker Phone automation using your phone’s proximity sensor and light sensors (not all phones support light sensor, a built in test decides that). It adds:

1. The ability to Auto answer your call when you hold the phone close to your face (not compatible with all phones).
2. The ability to turn the speakerphone on/off automatically depending on whether your phone is held to your face or not.


3rd place of top 10 mobile apps goes to LookFor: Find friends in a crowd instantly with LookFor, the World’s Dumbest App! LookFor is the best way to find friends (and be found) in large crowds, concerts, movie theaters and more! No internet connection or GPS needed!

To be found, simply select a color, hold your phone over your head and let the blinking light direct your friends to your exact location. That’s it! You will be amazed by how fast your friends find you! You can even instantly tell a friend or a group of friends to LookFor the color you choose with the in-app SMS messaging feature. Sound dumb? Well…honestly it is dumb. In a world of smart apps, LookFor is easily the World’s Dumbest App.

However, LookFor has proven to work EVERY TIME in situations like:

• Finding friends in packed concerts and music festivals (Beta tested at Coachella!)
• Instantly locating saved seats in a movie theater
• Being found in large outdoor crowds
• Flagging down a delivery vehicle
• Hailing a taxi

Because LookFor relies on a blinking light for location, LookFor works best in low light or dark settings.



4th place of top 10 mobile apps goes to KeepItOn: KeepItOn will keep your screen on while you have the Phone/Tablet on your hand, preventing the screen from turning off when you are reading (So annoying). How it works: KeepItOn detect any small movements and prolongs the time to turn off the screen, like if you have touched the screen. You can also wake up the device,for a certain configurable time, when the screen turn off.




5th place of top 10 mobile apps goes to Chordana Compozer: An easy way to create your own original tunes! Chordana Composer makes it easy for you to write your own tunes, even if you don’t know how to compose music. You can enter a motif (two-bar melody) using your choice of 3 input modes. There’s no need to enter the melody for the entire tune. You just enter one motif and Chordana Composer automatically creates a whole tune, so you don’t have to spend ages composing the music.




6th place of top 10 mobile apps goes to Meekan: No more email Ping-Pong to schedule meetings, conference calls and get-togethers. Meekan is the quickest, smartest way to schedule meetings for individuals and teams no matter which calendar you use. Meekan can pinpoint in seconds when is the best time to meet. Our engine considers everyone’s free/busy availability, time zones and working hours, regardless of the calendar program they’re using (Gmail, Google Apps, Exchange/Office365.com and for iCloud). By using general, natural terms to create meeting requests (i.e. “lunch with Tim next week” or “conference call with Elon tomorrow evening”), Meekan will effortlessly detect the optimal time slots of all attendees and bring them together. Meekan is the only smart scheduling service to provide availabilities across the major calendar programs – Gmail, iCloud and Exchange accounts), in a seamless way – Simply create a new team, add members’ emails, and you’re done!



7th place of top 10 mobile apps goes to LeanDroid:LeanDroid is a lightweight but incredibly powerful battery saver. It automatically manages power-hungry wireless connections and radios to significantly lengthen the battery life of your devices. It can automatically disable WiFi, Cellular Data*, Cellular radio*, Bluetooth, and Location* (networks and GPS). It will do so a certain amount of time after the screen goes off to conserve battery power and lower data usage while the device is idle. When the screen is turned back on, connections are automatically restored to what they were previously. Connections may also be restored periodically while the screen is off to allow for notifications to come in. Only connections that were automatically disabled by LD are re-enabled. Connections that were manually disabled are left untouched. There are many additional options and exceptions to set to your preference.


8th place of top 10 mobile apps goes to Zapya: Zapya can transfer photo, music, video, and other file types from one device to other devices without mobile network nor Wi-Fi connection. The content is transferred directly from device to device at 128 times Bluetooth speed! Thoroughly defeat BlueTooth/NFC/AirDrop. Better than all you know. Zapya is an open platform which allow you to mingle with your friends, please spread only appropriate files responsibly.


9th place of top 10 mobile apps goes to Flush: Flush is a fast and simple toilet finder. It has a slick interface with beautiful animations and transitions inspired by material design. The database of tens of thousands of public toilets is stored on the phone for fast and offline access! Search for a location as well as pan on the map and we’ll show you the nearest public toilets to you. Tap on the map to get directions provided by Google Maps. Or if you just really need to find a toilet, tap the directions button and we’ll give you directions to the closest toilet, no need to fiddle about with anything. The database is constantly expanding and we’ll tell you whether there is a fee, whether you require a radar key and whether or not they provide disabled access if we know it.


10th place of top 10 mobile apps goes to Dadaviz:Get prepared for what’s next with dadaviz mobile app. We bring you the right news in the right format every day. You’ll get the most relevant news in bite-sized and beautiful data visualizations. Forget about words, we are all about the data, so you are always in the loop.