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The future is in mobile apps? [infographic]


Mobile apps are now very popular and every better company wants to have its own mobile app. But the question is whether these applications even payout and what is the purpose of this application.

A few years ago most of us were not familiar with the concept of a smartphone or mobile application. We did not expect mobile phones to experience such a boom and become multifunctional. Sometimes we need a video camera, camera, mp3 player, and now all these devices have in only one – mobiles.

The Internet has become something without which today we can not imagine our life. Wherever we go, we can always check if someone sent us an email or message on Facebook. Mobile applications in recent years experienced a real boom and demand for developers of these applications is very very big. For everything you do, whether online or offline, there are applications. It’s hard to find an area where you could develop something innovative or something that someone has not already been developed before you.

Responsive websites are now the rule for designers and more ‘makes no sense’ to do different types of pages. True, there are some exceptions, but they are very rare. Responsive websites allow high-quality viewing web sites on a computer screen, and on the tiny screens of mobile phones. Such sites actually display a website running on your mobile device as an application. All menus and other objects on the page are converted into objects that are easy to maneuver on your mobile device.

In the future we will probably continue to expect an increasing number of mobile applications. Mobile applications can survive in several areas such as games, applications for recreation, different readers and editors, etc.  The assumption is also that there will be more of mobile applications that can work in offline mode, and when it comes to online mode will be used more web applications.

In collaboration with University of Alabama at Birmingham, we enclose their infographic about The Future of Mobile Application: