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Infographic business PowerPoint template of the month


In this time of the month, we present you the best infographic business PowerPoint template of the month.

And the winner is:

Business Plan by GraphicArtist

The author of this great template is graphic designer Abdur Razzak (profile named Graphic Artist) who specialized in all kinds of graphic design. You can find his profile here.

Why this theme?

Well, simply because it includes everything you need in a business infographic PowerPoint template. It is created with clean and modern design and it will surely satisfy everyone needs.

Most important features

This great template includes over 200 unique slides that include

  • Company history
  • History timeline
  • Business goals
  • Business field
  • Our products
  • Our services
  • Our team
  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Marketing statistics
  • Marketing facts
  • Financial review
  • Future plans
  • Clients
  • Our prices
  • Lots of infographic slides

With this template you also get a large set of icons that can easily be edited and resized because they are made as vector.

If you are wondering about colors then don’t worry because business plan template comes in 14 different color schemes. Every color has its light and dark version so that comes up to total of 28 color templates. Some of the color templates you get are:

  • Blue
  • Paste
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Multi

Another great thing about this template is that you also get the option to control the master slide. In that way you can edit the header and footer for your presentation and give it great looks.

When you buy this theme you get everything I mentioned above but you also get two different template versions, one with animations and one without ones. In that way you can pick the style of your presentation based on its theme. If you need to make your presentation very simple and clean then you won’t pick some of the great animation effects which you get with this template. If you need to make it stylish then let your imagination do the work and create something special.

This template comes with simple and easy to follow instructions which will help you to design great presentation with the help of everything included in these files you get when you buy it and if you are stuck somewhere you can always contact the support and ask for help.

You can download this template here.


To conclude, this template really is amazing and I think everyone can understand why I picked it to be our infographic business PowerPoint template of the month. If you need a template in this category then you can stop your search because this is perfect for you. Enjoy and tells us what you think!