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Top 10 Video Infographics of the month


Before it was enough to publish text, or photo on the Internet to get you noticed by more people, but nowadays things are extremely complex. Lately, video infographics became very popular media for promoting.

Have you ever watch some videos on YouTube? It is a high probability that you are, like millions of others in the world; according to research firm comScore Inc., within one month, 182 million users in the US watched some video content on the Internet, and to an average of 23.2 hours per user!

Video is obviously a format that users prefer, thats why all the marketers and ‘jumped’ to the new tool, using online video as a TV commercial that people want to watch. So, it will be really helpful in promotion of your bussines or products.

Why use a video infographics?

  • Video infographics allows you to tell a complex message in a simple way, or that ‘boring’ content do interesting.
  • Message in video format will be remembered longer than the text.
  • In a video you can give a ‘human face’ to your corporation, with which users will be able to more easily connect and which will be more inclined to believe
  • Video can help your ranking on search engines; for example, a link to your website, which is linked to the video on YouTube, search engines will evaluate as high-quality inbound link
  • Making videos does not require high costs

Video infographics can be used to inform, entertain, explain, tell the story, and even shocked for the purpose of effectively transmitting the message. Below you can check Top 10 Beautiful Video Infographics of the month:

Corporate, Advertising, Web Designing Explainer

Here is a cool explainer for an Advertising Agencies. There are 12 services included. You can simply add or remove any of them. Or you can put your own service and edit the text as you want. This template can be used for: Graphic Design. Digital Printing. Web Design and Development. Content Management System. E-commerce and shopping cart development. Domain Registration & Hosting. Search Engine Optimization. Social Media & Online Marketing. Email Campaign. Mobile Applications Development. Networking & Hardware Solution & IT Consultation. Download here.


Paper Presentation

Project Includes: 7 Types of Graphs, 16 Compositions. 1 Text Place Holder. 2 Video/Photo Place Holders. 1 Logo Reveal. 1 Transitions. 18 Social Media Icons included in Project. 3 Lower Thirds. 14 Hand-Drawn Elements. 5 Character Animations. 5 Original Textures. Download here.


Chart Video Infographics

Here are 24 deferent charts 100% made by Adobe After Effects with full customizable options. Every single chart composition has customizer layer which you can change the value of charts, percentage, color and show/hide option by clicking the effect controllers. Also there are 4 deferent background including one white background (background color can be changed) and three image backgrounds which you can change, move, show/hide objects. Also you can drag and drop all the charts in to any of your backgrounds as well. Download here.


Flat Mobile Infographic

This project is very versatile. You can adjust the duration of each element. You can combine this project with other graphs, use the tool to view the video. Stylish design. Ability to customize the duration of the show. Configuring the number of columns. Expression driven. Easy to configure and use. No Plugins required. After Effects CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CS CC compatible. Full HD (1920×1080) resolution. Download here.


The Online Store Promotion

The Online Store Promotion has been designed alongside a carefully put together script to help you create the perfect piece of marketing material. With fully editable text containers, image placeholders, an easily customizable color scheme and a video help file included, tailoring this template to suit your app or service could not be easier. Download here.


Bubblehead Character Kit

Simple and lovely video infographic for multipurpose use. Download here.


Simple Video Infographics

You can choose exactly what you composition and make a wonderful presentation of your company! Easy to customize! 4 graphics. 4 radiograms. 5 tables. 1 transition. 1 animated footage consists of 3 pictures or video. + Bonus 17 animated titles. The length of each compositions 20s. Select the desired number of segments in the compositions You can create compositions of the desired video series. Comfortable and easy adjustment of color in a composite. Color changes automatically in all compositions. Segment change the color, text, background. Download here.


SEO Promotion & Media Marketing

Features: No plug-ins required. Universalized expression (works with any AE’s language). Easy customization (color / text / etc). Flat style. Resolution – Full HD 1080. After Effects CS5.5 and above. Sound FX included! Video Tutorial included! Download here.


Flat Infographic

Featured: 16 universal graphs. Stylish design. Configuring the number of columns. Expression driven. Easy to configure and use. No Plugins required. After Effects CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CS CC compatible. Full HD (1920×1080) resolution. Download here.


Statistician Plus – Social Report

Statistician+ Social Report is a standalone infographic template for After Effects. It consists of 1 presentation, 13 slides, and 6 graph types which can easily be customized and expanded. Download here.