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The Use Of Smartphones In Our Daily Lives

the use of smartphones in our daily lives featured

the use of smartphones in our daily lives

Did you know that there are over 1.4 billion smartphones out there in the market? Smartphones are more than just a gadgets – they are a trend which has become viral. Statistically speaking, every fourth person on the planet is the owner of one smartphone. The much older personal computers on the contrary, are only 2 billion. The smartphone business is leaving the PC trend far behind. It has been predicted that there will be over 7.7 billion mobile devices in this year – the number is important because the population of the world is only 7.1 billion in comparison. The smartphone to people ratio is increasing steadily. This should not come as a surprise because it indeed is a very useful and helpful device which makes lives much easier.

Another interesting comparison which can be drawn is between the number of smartphones sold per day and the number of children born per day. As you might have guessed, the former quantity is much greater. 1.8 million smartphones are sold each day which is five times greater than the number of children taking birth on a daily basis. Interesting, right?

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Smartphones in our daily lives

Smartphone habits have also been an interesting debate in the past few years. Teenagers are infamous for their obsession with their gadgets and the amount of time they spend social networking through their smartphones. An interesting fact about smartphone habit is that an average person in the United States of America spends approximately 3.3 hours on his smartphone which is more than double the time they spend on eating their food and a third of the time they spend sleeping. People also check news on their phone at least 40 times a day.

Another interesting observation has been that 88 per cent of television viewers use their smartphone while watching. This has now started to challenge the television since more people find more entertainment in the device that sits in their palms. 75 per cent Americans also bring their phones to the bathroom. This does not come as much of a surprise since before the popularity of smartphones, people used to have magazines and newspapers for their time – talk about bathroom entertainment!

Now that we are talking about entertainment and smartphones, statistics show that 31 per cent smartphone owners that access online content and use internet services use their smartphone devices for streaming music and also to listen to internet radio. Music is a popular source of entertainment for smartphone users who use their device’s capabilities increasingly to whet their appetite. Also, did you know that the smartphone users who access the internet have also used and redeemed a coupon via their device? Smartphones are very useful, anyone would agree.

Smartphones have started to dominate our lives increasingly and the trend only moves in the favor of this. The growth and innovation in the device is something you can surely expect.