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How Technology Saves Lives

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How technology is saving lives

New innovations and advancements in the field of medical technology are changing the ways hospital facilities are working with patients. These improvements are not just saving peoples lives but also improving total quality of care. Today you can track down location of someone and transmit that information to appropriate facility which can then help the person. Did you knew that over the course of last few years, in USA people were saved from sure deaths, thanks to beacons with emergency tracking and GPS devices. They were people from various accidents, boat, plane or land. There’s a technology of digitally diagnosing problems with patients health in early stages, so doctors can prevent it in right time till it’s still in early stages.

In hospitals that are more advanced, they have multimedia software which allows them to see videos of high quality and get information in details regarding someones illness and then give them right care. Patients can also learn more about their illness so they are acting more in their recovering. This also prevents hospital spending much money on healthcare, because having all this information shortens recovery time. With the rise of new technology, doctors can enable care for patients that are located in other areas. The method is called telemedicine. This can be a real savior to the people where adequate healthcare is not supported or missing. They can talk with each other through video conferences. This helps to save travel costs and brings good medical support to people who usually don’t have access to them.


Hospitals are putting digital signs for people because if hospital is big and advanced, there’s a possibility you’ll get confused in finding the right doctor or room you need. It’s great informative and interactive tool to communicate with doctors and patients both. This is especially being put in waiting rooms, it helps people distract, while they’re waiting in line and for sure it’s better then outdated version of newspapers, brochures or magazines.

Even though watching lots of television can be negative for your mind, having them set up in hospitals can make patients feel more relaxed. They feel engaged in movie or TV show they’re watching and for a while they can forget about illness or that they are at hospital. This helps especially on a pediatric floors where much of children are being hospitalized. This can serve them for having online educational lessons, because they are unable to attend school class. They can even be engaged in real time lessons at school, just by watching what teacher is saying and teaching other kids.

Advancements in technology allowed us to have many devices that can help people when their health is in danger. From X-ray machines, to heart monitors and defibrillators, they are all important  to save someones life. Look at just one example, there are probably millions of people around the world that are suffering from diabetes, thanks to technology with device they can easily check how high sugar is and take insulin without the help of a doctor. It’s just one of examples, but technology is always evolving. It’s true that it saves lives, and needs for new innovations are very strong and I hope that in the future more and more people will be saved thanks to help of technology.