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Infographic About Most Used Services on Smartphones


Although calls are for most users the second most important feature on smartphones, they spend more time on their phones surfing the Internet, checking Facebook, playing games, or listening to music. More and more people are becoming dependent on their smartphones and checking the phone is the first thing they do when they wake up and the last thing they do before going to sleep, and some even have syndrome nomophobia – fear of losing the phone.

However, a large number of owners of smartphones at least time use their devices  for calls and the majority of them serve as mobile computers on which they access websites, social networks, video games and listen to music. The information was published by the telecommunications company O2 who conducted a survey on how customers use their smartphones as well, according to the results of this study, users of their phones most of the time use for surfing the internet – an average of nearly 25 minutes a day, social networks on phones are used for 18 minutes , about 15 minutes a day on them listen to music and play video games, while average phone calls lasts about 12.13 minutes.

Interestingly, users daily average spend more time writing e-mails (11.1 minutes), but writing text messages (10.2 minutes), and from other activities, they are using their phones to watch TV and movies (average 9.39 minutes) , reading books (9.3 minutes) and take photos (3.42 minutes). This information reveals that average users use phones for more than two hours a day, and given that a large number of people spend their time at work and home on the computer, it seems that very little time remains for activities that do not involve a computer screen or a mobile device .

The most important feature – photography

In addition to the time that users spend on a specific phone, the company O2 conducted a study about the options that are commonly used on smart phones (questions on used options users were answered with yes or no) and it is interesting that the largest number of users use their phone for photography (74 percent of them), and the other option they most often use is phone calls (71 percent). According to these data, it turns out that the option that is most used by the largest number of users is photography, but they spent less than four minutes a day for it. Among other interesting options for using smart phones, 64 percent of them use it as an alarm clock, and even 39 percent of them as – diary.

Commenting on the findings, David Johnson from the company O2 said that smartphones have become ‘digital pocket Swiss Army knife’ which are replaced watches, cameras, books, notebooks (almost 30 percent people use phones instead of laptops) and a number of other devices and ‘ smart phones today have a major role in all aspects of our lives’.

If you want to find out which are the most used services on smartphones, check out the infographic below: