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High Tech Solutions To Schoolyard Bullying

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Bullying is a problem of this generation which has become serious as time has passed. Many school students have experienced the pain of being negatively pointed out by their peers, the anguish of never really making any friends, and the embarrassment of always being shamed in front of others. The victims not only suffer from physical abuse but the effects of it can be so damaging that many children can’t sleep or even eat well. It is also common for children to start suffering from depression as a result of being bullied. It is outrageous and very dangerous for children and affects them negatively. The problem is much more serious than what it is given credit for and as a human being, it is the responsibility of every person to help the person in need of it. There are certain things you can do to help those who are the victims of schoolyard bullying and high tech solutions for the problem can be very helpful. These victims could be your children, or somebody else’s but if you would want to help them and not let the problem get out of hand, these solutions will enable you to create an impact.

This is a list of seven smartphone applications which will help you with the various aspects of bullying and how you can contribute positively.

  • KnowBullying – KnowBullying is an app created for parents. The app helps parents spot the signs of bullying which not only includes signs about bullied children but also if your child is the one bullying someone else. The app is free of cost and helps parents discuss bullying with their children and how they can stop the act.
  • Stop!t – this app has been created for students themselves who can report acts of cyber bullying. It is a free of cost app but is available at a very inexpensive price for schools if they want to incorporate these organizational tools in their institution.
  • Bully Button – Bully Button is an app for children who can easily notify their trusted adults of any bullying incident by recording and sending them.
  • My Mobile Watchdog – this app is for parents who would like to monitor their children’s cell phones in case someone sends them inappropriate messages. The app is also useful to track your child, block certain websites, and more.
  • Net Nanny – another monitoring app for parents, this app is a useful one if you want to filter the content on your child’s phone.
  • Bully Tag – many children being bullied are scared of complaining to the authorities because the fact that they spoke against the bullying child could worsen the situation. With Bully Tag, the child can anonymously send evidence of bullying to school officials.
  • Anonymous Alerts – Anonymous Alerts not only allows anonymous reporting of bullying incidents but also enables the children have two way conversations.

Bullying is a harmful and damaging activity which should be rooted out from the society. With every small step you take, a change is brought.