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SEO Strategies Improving Your Rankings by Implementing Social Media


Social media has generated to a diverse field that entails numerous platforms with different kinds of niches boosting your SEO strategies. Such platforms offer businesses superb niche opportunities that are very useful in their campaigns.

It might be confusing when you are faced with the challenge of choosing the right platforms that suit your needs to back your SEO efforts. For sure, it might be tedious spreading your strategy on each platform you come across. The reason you do this is because you are in the  pursuit of maximizing on your budget. So, you are now wondering which social media platforms can best support your SEO campaigns.

Why bother with social media when it comes to SEO efforts?

Based on Google’s algorithm, popularity in social media circles doesn’t directly improve your search rankings as many falsely believe. If then, why is social media regarded vital for SEO purposes? The answer is simple; there are peripheral benefits of implementing it to your search optimization efforts such as:

  • Building an audience- through Social media, it becomes easier to build an audience that would enable you to increase your reputation and brand visibility.Which would, in turn, be easier as you pursue a link building SEO strategies.
  • Content Promotion- With the right platforms. Your content reach will be increased. As the reach becomes more, the reputation betters and the audience becomes bigger. Enabling you to gain more inbound links, which powerfully affect your organic search rankings.

Let’s Look at Each Platform and how would it benefit your SEO strategies

Today there are various major platforms that could help you in your campaign.

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With over a billion users worldwide. Facebook remains the social media honcho (king). Its flexible functionality enables marketers post written content, video, images, or links and even, run ads, employ contests, participate in discussions groups. Due to its universal appeal, it’s arguably the best content promotion and audience growth platform around.


Regarding popularity, Instagram is the second-most popular social platform worldwide. With nearly 400 million active users. Its visibility advantage is huge enabling you to attract followers or retain enormous followers. However, its major drawback it doesn’t enable you to include links in your posts making it difficult to distribute content and earn more links. However, this has been changed recently and you can now do it if you are a company and pay their fees. Ultimately, Instagram will become a digital magazine with their fancy pictures, enabling you to buy anything you see.


Twitter is a useful platform that would make you capable of promoting links faster and eventually enabling you to access new people with ease. This characteristic makes it among the better platforms for quick audience building and content broadcasting. However, its recent signs suggest that it may well be past its prime as a social reliable media channel due to its declining user base.


LinkedIn is mostly preferred especially among the entrepreneurs, career builders and professionals. Unfortunately, LinkedIn is designed to cater for individuals, so only a few opportunities exist that enables brand pages to attain visibility. However, in case you choose to utilize personal brands as means gain effective connections. It is advisable to participate in groups, where you can promote your brand content.


Pinterest can be a great asset if you are interested in an image-based content promotion that appeals to your consumer demographics. However, its functionality range may not appeal to each business and also has a smaller user base compared to the rest.

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Though all these platforms discussed above contain both SEO advantages and disadvantages. It is wise to select the ones that suit your specific brand requirements.