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Windows notebook saving money tips and tricks

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A Windows notebook is an excellent gadget to turn to whenever you require some work to be done anywhere. Among the PC makers, Apple seems to be the leader regarding design inspiration through releasing their most expensive notebooks. Apple’s success emanate from Windows notebooks that appear thinner than ever. Additionally, today’s notebooks entail far fewer ports when compared to earlier ones, but they have more power and long battery life.

If you intend to shop for a Windows notebook, note that a lot of devices will compete for your attention. Therefore, it’s up to you to wade all other noises and choose to purchase a Windows notebook that fits you.

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What to Look For when Buying a Windows Notebook:

To make a fruitful buying decision, ask yourself what you plan to use your Windows notebook. For instance, a notebook for media creation might not be good for playing the latest games. It may need that you spend a bit to enjoy the gaming functionalities.

Work & Productivity

If you intend to acquire a machine for checking email, managing your business and storing files, you only need to take into account just a few variables. You will probably not need an Intel Core i7 processor or an Intel Atom processor either. For such a task a Core i5 or i3 PC would just be fine.

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Usually, Work and productivity designed notebooks tend to stay for a long time with charge. Depending on what work schedule you have, battery life is important as it will define your productivity. So it is wise to remember to check how long the notebook that you are seeking to buy stays with charges. As a tip anything that is under 6 hours is unacceptable. Thus, it is wise to aim for at least 7 hours charge.

You could take screen size into consideration, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor that you are weighing on. A display bigger than 15-inches is inappropriate unless you’re doing some programming. Also, anything with a display smaller than 12-inches is inadvisable.

Gaming & Multimedia

It is fine for users engaged in Work & Productivity to settle for small specifications and design so as to save cash. But, if you need a PC that plays games or a media hub, it will not be possible. A High-definition is the best display, not necessarily 4K resolution, is appropriate for that task.

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Try to find the notebook with the most powerful NVIDIA graphics card instead of the one that only boasts Intel HD Graphics. Regarding memory, 8GB of RAM should be the least. A notebook with a Core i7 processor or a Generation Core i5 is fit. Consider a Windows notebook chassis that you might be able to upgrade newer technology (RAM or storage space). Lenovo is the best notebook for gaming with excellent keystrokes keyboards.

Each class of notebook has features that are suited for certain tasks; it is up to you to make the right selections.

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