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13 Useful Strategies For Improving Your Website Performance – 2024 Guide

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Since the market is rapidly replacing standard operating methods with online platforms, having proper optimization is necessary for attracting more customers and becoming more available and visible on the internet. Also, with the modern trends where people became more interested in using online stores, the demand for websites had raised even more. In that matter, creating proper online platforms can have a huge effect on your business. There are many ways to improve the performance of your website. You can click here to find out more about the importance of proper website optimization that can provide your website with a better ranking in the search platforms.

Besides the optimization, many other factors can affect the efficiency of your website. Therefore, you should learn all of them to improve the performances of your website, which can directly affect the popularity and revenue of your company.

1. Reduce HTTP requests

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Your website is using data from the server by collecting information from the Hypertext Transfer Protocol that represents a demand of the client to use various data from the resources shared by the hosts. However, if there are too many hosts, your website might get slower. Therefore, you should use CSS sprites, decrease the length of codes, use fewer plugins, and inline JavaScript.

2. Block Render Resources

In case you have a lot of data in your CSS, that can affect your website to become much slower. Therefore, you should use media queries, remove some characters, comments, and extra spaces, find proper ways to recall your CSS data, and use fewer codes. If you are using JavaScript, there are also some methods related to finding a way to use less information to make your site faster.

3. Time to First Byte

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The time needed for the responsiveness of the first byte is very important for the performances. Setting your website in a way where this time is shortened as much as it can affect the website to open much faster by decreasing the time needed for loading various elements. The best way to fasten your website is to use proper hosting services.

4. Cash Memory

As you know, every website is using a cash memory that is stored on devices for faster performances. However, in case that a client is using an old version of the browser, VPN protection, or plugin for avoiding ads, your site might have poor performances. Therefore, you should pay attention to cashing processes related to platforms like Xen Foro, Word Press, Magento, and Drupal.

5. HTTP 2

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With the fast development of online platforms, there is also a demand for improved services that can support the efficiency and performances of those websites. Therefore, you have to be sure that you are using the most recent solutions relater to coding and the development of the website to reach better performances. In that matter, you should consider using HTTP 2 processes because they can provide your website with much better features.

6. Choosing the Right Fonts

While using customized fonts can improve the design of your website, you have to know that using certain types of fonts might affect your website to become slower by adding more code to it. Therefore, you should select only those fonts that are suited for your platform, hosting service, and other factors.

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7. Use G Zip Compression

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Using proper compression can be especially beneficial for your website because it can lower the size of data that is processed during loading when someone tries to enter it. You can use various methods such as Apache, Nginx, and more. These methods represent codes that you can include in your website to compress large files and allow faster loading.

8. Deal with 404 Errors

This is the most common type of error related to missing parts of codes or servers that currently aren’t able to process all of the data on your website, which affects it to become unavailable. While there are many ways to fix this problem, we advise you to avoid using any sort of plugins. Instead of them, you should use some online platforms that are not using resources from your server.

9. Optimization of Databases

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Another important factor that can affect your website to have a much better interface is to check your database more often. The most common type of database is made with MySQL, where you can apply various settings to improve the features and transparency. Pay attention to elements such as case type, cache size of queries, table sizes, buffers, and more.

10. Optimize Images

Choosing the proper size of images is also very important when creating a website. Therefore, pay attention to proper image optimization to be suitable to the server and its abilities to process all of the data in a reasonable time. According to many studies, most websites are facing issues because they have too many images uploaded in their content. The best way to deal with this issue is to use some plugins that can compress the sizes of pictures while keeping their high quality.

11. Avoid Redundant Characters

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One of the best ways to reduce the size of the code on your website is to reduce the number of characters that are not crucial for performance and design. In that matter, check comments, white space characters, delimiters, and new line characters. Removing these elements will improve the speed and features of your online platform.

12. Reduce Latency

The best way to improve the speed of the website while keeping all of its main features is to use a CBD service that can fasten the usage of data from the server. Every website platform has a DNS service that allows the processing of larger files on the website without any interruptions.

13. Hotlink Protection

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This protection is related to saving your data from other users on the same server to have access to them. Also, you can prevent other platforms from using the same photos as your website. Moreover, you can use Hotlink protection to avoid any other issues related to the copyrights of your content. Adding a code that implements this system is quite simple, and you only need several lines with the term “do not steal” in the end.