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Social Media Infographic : How Your Fans Engage With Your Social Media?

Social Media Infographic – 7 Types of Your Social Media Followers

Social media are popular among Internet users. Facebook has over 1 billion members and Youtube receives more than 1 billion unique visitors. The figures are for you to spin. But not all users are available online for the same reasons. Each has its own motivation. This social media infographic is about different types of online fans and how to communicate with them

The Quiet Follower

A social media user who is not a customer of your company. He or she follows your brand, for example, Facebook or Twitter to stay informed – “tuned”. They don’t say or communicate much. You, as an organization or brand can catch their attention not only by visual content, but also by using polls and videos. Data visualization, infographics or plain images are the key to catch quiet follower attention.

The Casual Liker

According to social media fans infographic, these followers “like’ing” and “retweet’ing” messages occasionally. They follow brands because they enjoy the various organizations that publish content online. They enjoy being a part of the brand. They like your brand or organization and you can all ways ask them to share the content. Casual likers are like “social media advocates” for your brand and they spread your message among their friends.70 percent of consumers have confidence in a brand or product, because of the recommendations of their friends, as mentioned on this social media infographic.

The Deal Seeker

These fans follow organizations and brands online to get exclusive discounts, offers and promotions. The Deal Seekers are like’ing and tweet’ing, because they are expecting to get offers and promotions after they interact and make action on your social media pages.To keep this type of followers you constantly need to announce new offers and discounts. Why? Because you need to give them a reason to continue their actions online.

The Unhappy Customer

Not everyone will be positive. There are users who are dissatisfied with the content, product or offers,which you share with your social media followers or fans. This type of followers requires your constant attention and action. When someone asks question – respond quickly. And make sure you do this within a certain period of time. Because 42 percent of consumers are expecting your reply within 1 hour.

The Ranter

Besides the unhappy customer, exists even more “hard to please” followers. This social media user is often a customer and has a strong opinion about personal matters. Tip: in order to avoid this type of follower, post some data visualizations, infographics, images or posts, which are not related to your business. That will give you some time to concentrate on your activity and keep them satisfied. If that won’t work and you will end up in bad situation : count to “Casual Liker” type…

The Cheerleader

According to social media infographic,The cheerleader is an enthusiastic fan with a lot of passion for your brand, product or service. They like’ing and tweet’ing, write comments and share your posts.What’s more important – they do that often via their smartphones or tablets. This type of fans spread your message like no one else (in a good way). Count on these social media users, involve them in campaigns and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

The Loyal Fan

The loyal fans are, as the name says, true lovers of your brand and they are happy to share experiences with their connections, both offline and online. They are so loyal that they defend their favorite brand to the users who are not fans. You can call them the ambassadors of your company. As for organization, it is important to find this type of fans and “use them”(i don’t really like this term, but please understand it purely as marketing term and advice) in your marketing and communication activities, because of their positive experiences. Ask them for example to share your website or product. Of course, don’t forget to reward them for their faithful service and show that you appreciate their efforts and passion to your brand.

See below a visual resume of this article – great social media infographic about social media fans. Infographic facts were collected and produced by reachlocal.com