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Ordering Food Online In 2016

ordering food online

ordering food online in 2016

Getting the food to your doors is probably easier then ever. Thanks to invention of Internet, you almost don’t need any kind of real interaction to make it happen. Ordering food online is now representing 30% of total daily orders and it just keeps growing. New technology is bringing e-commerce in people’s everyday habits and lives, and food industry is one of them too. Research has shown that almost 70% of people are ordering food through smartphones online. There are some apps that allow you to order even through Facebook. People order from bus, home or even when stuck in traffic. When you go online to order, line is never being busy, so you don’t need to frustrate yourself if you call at peak times when people are ordering the most. There is also no misunderstanding, as all options are immediately and directly specified by person who orders.

Trends in ordering food online

About 30% of restaurants around the world has said that orders online have increased overall volume by 27%. Almost 50 % of consumers are downloading applications for restaurant orders on their mobile devices. Pizza is being all time favorite food for online order. Almost 75% of consumers order pizza through their mobile devices. Fast food chains and restaurant marketers should be paying more attention to this trend, and make that one of their key parts of strategy. Well, one of biggest reasons why people are ordering food online is accuracy. You are able to completely customize what you will order.

ordering online

In America, ordering food online is not future but already present, as more and more people are realizing how easy is to order something with only few clicks of the buttons, paying the bill online and getting your food half an hour later. Especially in New York, this habit is taking a hold where almost 60% of people’s food are coming from restaurants be it through online order or directly going to the restaurant. What’s even more interesting, there are always some kind of special deals for people that order food online, and people love deals. Some restaurants have interesting ideas. You can specify how much you want to spend for an order, and based on amount restaurant surprises you with order bringing you food at door. I think that’s a really cool idea.

The biggest difference between offline and online ordering is that most restaurants that get online orders say they are higher and bigger. This is because people for example order just XL pizza and Coke when they are ordering via phone, but suddenly when they go online, they will start to order salads, ribs, and other things they usually don’t order over phone. This is because they are spending much more time on menu online, and they can see more items than over the call from phone. Online ordering of food is really great system that can help your restaurant in many ways. If you own one, you would want to apply it to keep your customers satisfied and happy.