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Top 10 Best Keynote Templates for 2016

Top 10 Keynote Templates for 2016

When creating a presentation you must have a good speech, but the whole design of your presentation is also very important. That’s why it is very important to create a good presentation. The presentation tool called Keynote will help you with that but it can still be very hard to create a presentation that actually looks good. That’s why I created a list with top 10 best keynote templates for 2016.

  1. Sharp Edges

Sharp Edges is the first template on my list of top keynote templates for 2016. The main reason behind this template success is because it will offer your keynote presentation a fully professional look. The main feature of this template are 20 highly customizable master slides with 2 different slide sizes so you can choose the layout that fits perfectly for the information you have. All the layouts are designed with clean and modern look and they have custom bullets, easy tables and charts. Every objects on this template can be easily customized which means you can change their size, color, move them or delete them if you want to. Really nice template. Preview and download here.

Sharp Edges Keynote Template for 2016


  1. Bold Move

Bold Move is another modern keynote template for 2016 that comes with 20 master slides, text and photo placeholders and easily customizable charts and different diagrams. This template comes in two different sizes, standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9). Bold Move template will give your presentation a professional look and you will surely be satisfied with everything it has to offer. Preview and download here.

Bold Move Keynote Template for 2016


  1. Business Growth

Business Growth is one of the most selling keynote templates. It is a fully unique template designed for professionals. Its design is clean and elegant and it will help you to create a perfect presentation for your business. Why is this template one of the best keynote templates for 2016? Well, because of some awesome features it offers. You get more than 60 unique slides in Full HD resolution. You also get two versions, animated and non-animated one. The design is, expect for being clean and elegant, very powerful and colorful. The whole layout is highly customizable and it has 100% vector illustrations. Great feature is 24/7 support which means you can get help with anything you need in any time. One of the best templates on the market currently. Preview and download here.

Business Growth Keynote Template For 2016


  1. Pitch Deck

If you want your presentation to tell a story while you are talking then buy Pitch Deck and you will be impressed. The design of this template is very attractive and will surely make people pay attention to what you are talking. In this package you get 146 unique slides with unlimited color schemes, infographic elements, amazing charts and icons and modern design. All the slides are easily editable, you get custom animations with it and it comes in two size versions. You get everything you need to create a great presentation in just one template. Preview and download here.

Pitch Deck Keynote Template For 2016


  1. 3 in 1

This is a bundle of 3 different templates that will help you to create the perfect presentation. Three templates on this list are called Avo, Nevada and Visio. Avo is a creative template that comes with 50 unique slides and 23 different layouts. You also get more than 1400 vector icons and lots of other great features. Nevada is a business template that also comes with 50 unique slides and 24 layouts. It also has responsive design and is optimized for pictures. And the last one, called Visio, is the same like the two before. 50 slides, more than 1400 vector icons, 24 layouts and great SEO optimization. So in total you have unlimited color options in 150 unique and very creative slides. 1400 vector icons with every template, lots of animations and transitions and a lot more. Surely worth buying. Preview and download here.

3 in 1 Keynote Template For 2016


  1. Red’s

One of the best multi-purpose keynote templates for 2016 on our list is called Red’s. It comes with 134 unique slides with 15 different color options and both dark and light versions. The customization is very easy because of the drag & drop option and to make it more attractive you get lots of animations. Some other features include fully editable objects, stylish elements, attractive infographic, more than 1000 icon vectors and a lot more other powerful features you will simply love. Preview and download here.

Red’s Keynote Template For 2016


  1. Minalo

Minalo is a theme with some amazing features. Most noticeable one is certainly the pack of more than 3000 vector icons and a 24/7 support that guarantees to be always there for you when you need them. Minalo comes 133 unique color slides that can be changed into 20 color schemes with both light and dark backgrounds. Every element on each slide is easily resizable and editable. You can also add lots of animations and transitions to slides or make custom animations for each object on the slide. Preview and download here.

Minalo Keynote Template For 2016


  1. Dynamic Shapes

Dynamic Shapes is a highly customizable keynote template for 2016 and it will surely help you to create a perfect presentation. The main features of this great template are certainly 157 unique slides, over 700 font icons and about 450 vector icons. Each element on the slides of this template is easily editable and easy to change. You can change the color of slides on unlimited number of ways and if you are stuck on something you can always ask a great support for a help. Preview and download here.

Dynamic Shapes Keynote Template For 2016


  1. First Day

First Day is a really elegant template that will serve you well if you need to create presentation for something very important. It is clean, modern and will give your presentation a professional look. Elements on the slides are easily changeable so you can remove them, change their size, move them or change their color easily. Background is also highly customizable, just like the whole layout of this template. If you need a template for some important project then this is the one for you. Preview and download here.

First Day Keynote Template For 2016


  1. Minimal

And the last template on our list of best keynote templates for 2016 is called Minimal. Minimal in the tittle means that the design of this template is clean, elegant and professional but you really don’t get the “minimal” amount of features. You actually get a lot of great stuff like 150 unique slides that can be change into 20 different color schemes. You can also pick light and dark style for your slides and all that adds up to an amazing number of 6000 total slides. But not just that, the whole template is fully animated, it supports handmade infographic and it is really easy to customize. Certainly one of the best keynote templates out there. Preview and download here.

Minimal Keynote Template For 2016

And just like that we reached the end. I hope you enjoyed this and found something that fits you needs. Good luck!