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Email marketing still remains as one of most effective ways for doing business, and it’s evolving too. Smartest companies and businesses are starting to use automated email. They are personalized and timely. This means your automated emails are being clicked and opened much more frequently, driving traffic and profit to your business. If you run company and still doesn’t have automated emails set up, you’re missing out big opportunity to engage with your contacts. All of this sounds good, right? So what exactly is email automation? When automated email is set up, it is automatically sending mails to specific users, when certain triggers are met. For example, let’s imagine that you are on Facebook, and when someone signs up for Facebook account you want to send them email. So, when that person gets singed in Facebook, it will show them how to start uploading profile pictures or adding friends.

Benefits of automated emails

It would be such a time wasted, creating each of mails manually and sending to each person that signs up. Instead of doing this, you can create automated email that’s being sent each time someone signs for your list of signups. Based on some of the researches, 96% of people that visit your webpage are not ready to buy, yet. But, they sure show at least some of the interest in your offers and they are candidates that you want to continue to communicate with in the future. Perfect way in making sure you do this is having them on your subscribed email list. Once they become your subscribers, you can use automated emails welcoming them to your special offers that only subscribers are eligible to buy. Emails are also much visually appealing and you can set them up in no less then few minutes. Just add email subscription box to your website, and after that you can set up automated emails that will be send to anyone that joins that subscriber list.

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If you are having e-commerce platform that supports discount codes, you can also include them in email. This will attract people to purchase even more. Automated emails are also good tool for gathering feedback from people about your products. Creating something that your customers will want is not an easy task, not to say almost impossible. So one of easiest and best ways is just asking them directly. Create automated marketing campaign that will be sent to new customers when they sign up for a trial period. This version of email has response rate of 41% which is really good since it will bring great amount of feedback on what your customers are looking in your products.

Informing your customers of their expirations is also great benefit of automated emails. If you loose existing customers it can cost you lots of money. If you just increase 5% of customers, it can bring your business profit of 75%. So one of great methods of not loosing them is sending mails where you inform them that their account or subscription is going to expire, so they can renew it. Did you knew that one of most common automated emails are birthday emails? They can have super impact when its done right. This shows customers you care about them, and if you provide them with special birthday discount for product, it’s a win-win situation.

As you see just from these facts, automated emails can really help your business to grow, without spending all that time and hours to manually create email campaigns. Email marketing is still being one of most effective ways to drive results of all the opportunities available. So what are you waiting for? Take your time and think of ideas for automated emails that you will apply to your business.