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Pawsitively Delicious: 4 Reasons Your Pet Will Enjoy Fresh Dog Food

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As a proud pet parent, your fur baby most likely means the world to you. And that probably means you’re willing to go the extra mile to give them the quality life they deserve. So why would you feed them pet food that’s heavily processed and lacking in the nutrients they need? Switching your pooch’s diet to fresh food is in their best interest — keep reading to learn four reasons why.

1. It Can Cater to Their Dietary Needs

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Fresh dog food brands keep your dog’s health in mind, so it’s not surprising that many cater to specific dietary restrictions. Whether your pet struggles with tummy troubles or allergies, most brands offer personalized food plan options. To learn more about the benefits of fresh dog food, check out Nom Nom.

Food sensitivities in dogs are a bigger problem than you might realize. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, food allergies only affect about 0.2 percent of dogs. However, sensitivities or intolerances are a different kind of problem. Allergies trigger an immune response, while intolerances invoke a digestive or skin reaction, like diarrhea or itchiness. These sensitivities can also develop at any time in a dog’s life, meaning they don’t have to be born with an intolerance.

Switching to fresh, high quality food alone can sometimes make a difference. Chemicals used in heavy processing can be harmful to your pet’s digestive system, and fresh food avoids those. However, many fresh foods can take your dog’s dietary needs a step further by creating an individual food plan. This involves surveying your pet’s flavor palette and bodily reactions to previous types of foods and ingredients. Once a plan is curated, your dog’s menu will better fit their body’s needs, and they’ll be feeling more like themselves.

2. It Has Better Flavor

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When food is fresh and high quality, it naturally tastes better. Kibble that has been sitting on shelves for months might not be as appetizing to your pooch. The fresher a food is, the more bold its flavor will be. From vegetables to meat, whatever ingredients are in a particular fresh food recipe, they’re guaranteed to be packed with flavor.

This is perfect for picky eaters, which many dogs out there can be. Regular dog food isn’t less flavorful just because of its lack of fresher ingredients. Kibble that goes through processing can lose flavor and texture that are crucial to satisfying your dog’s taste buds. These two elements can make all the difference to a picky pooch. Additionally, the cooking process for kibble can lessen the amount of overall flavor. If your fur baby tends to turn up their nose to regular food, a fresher option might be your best bet.

Moreover, fresh food tends to have a better variety of flavors. Although many kibbles are made with a combination of ingredients, they tend to be advertised as one or two flavors. This might be chicken or beef, since meat is generally most appealing to dogs. However, the lack of an extensive flavor palette might make food less interesting for your pooch. Fresh food, on the other hand, has ingredients prepared and cooked separately, meaning their individual flavors can stand out even when mixed together.

3. They Might Look and Feel Better

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You’ve probably heard the phrase, “you are what you eat.” Even though people usually say this to other humans, it can apply to animals, too. Bodies, regardless of species, heavily rely on the fuel put inside them. If the quality of the food isn’t great, then the body might not feel so great either. And when it comes to dog food, shelf-stable isn’t always the best choice for this.

Regular kibbles and canned foods contain lots of preservatives to keep them shelf-stable. However, these preservatives are often full of chemicals that can have harmful effects on the body. When dogs ingest these chemicals, their bodies have to work extra hard to fight off the toxins created by such substances. This bodily response can cause inflammation, which can pave the way to more serious illnesses.

When your dog isn’t taking in all these chemicals, their health can improve. This is usually most easily seen by the quality of their fur. A shiny coat is one of the signs of a healthy pup, and the reduced inflammation can help with this. Additionally, many fresh pet foods contain omega fatty acids, which can help with hair growth and ward off inflammation. They won’t just be feeling great, but looking great too.

4. It Can Give Them More Energy

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Most dogs love to play, go on walks, and run around in the sunshine. However, without enough energy, your pooch might not feel up to playtime. And this doesn’t always allude to a medical condition — sometimes it’s all about their diet.

It’s not just the quality of a food’s ingredients that can affect your dog’s health. This factor can also be determined by the process of its preparation. Not only are preservatives harmful, but also some methods of cooking used. Many shelf-stable kibbles are cooked at high temperatures that can essentially zap the strength of its vitamins and minerals. This can make the healthfulness of these ingredients essentially moot.

By contrast, many fresh pet food brands use a low-temperature cooking process for their meals. This way, vitamins and minerals aren’t lost. Getting the most power out of ingredients’ nutrients will increase the amount your dog absorbs and transfers into energy. And since dogs are meant to be playful creatures, you’ll notice a difference in behavior when switching to more nutrient-dense fresh foods. (Happy zoomies!)

Additionally, protein is one of the best nutritional sources of energy. While fresh pet food tends to be packed with protein for this purpose, many types of kibble rely on carbohydrates instead. Carbs do supply the body with nutrients it needs to create energy, but not to the same extent as protein. And what’s more, too many carbs can be converted into fat, causing your dog to gain unhealthy weight over time. Essentially, relying on the wrong nutrient for energy can negatively impact your dog’s health.

Get Their Tails Wagging

Your dog is bound to thrive when eating fresh food that tastes better and is created with healthier ingredients that provide energy. With your pup’s wellbeing in mind, making the switch can be an easy decision. You’ll be seeing tails wag and tongues loll at mealtime, playtime, and anytime in between.