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Habits That Will Help You Maintain Your Creativity


maintain your creativity

If I could sum up creativity in few words, it would be that it’s about individuals ability to see patterns and associations where others can’t. When you come up with something others didn’t thought of, you’re being innovative. Being creative is something as a way of life. Someone who has a negative mind for 24 hours a day can’t expect to explode with ideas and solutions. The way we live today and our pressuring environment is sometimes making all of us run out of creativity. But for once in a while, it’s good to have be optimistic, because having positive outlook can be the key to bring you back in action. I would like to put a quote ” Everyone is born as genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.” I think that potential of genius lies within every human being. Everybody has moments of genius in life. Sometimes you are not even aware of how brilliant and unique your idea sounds. Genius is someone who has 99% of perspiration and 1% of genius. So this means genius is person that’s talented but also works hard.

How to maintain creativity

There are certain habits you can practice to maintain your creativity or even improve it. First of all, creative people keep their sense of curiosity even when they are grown ups. Asking lots of questions and always finding ways to improve something. This is because they love challenges. With the magic of internet you don’t have excuse for not finding all answers you seek. Try writing down every idea that comes to your head. You got to be able to capture thoughts as you go through day while you learn new stuff. Remember that no idea is seen as absurd, because it could as well be a piece of puzzle that will spark inspiration in your inner world. Try to seek for experiencing something new. Doing things you already done could limit your perception and process of thinking.


You got to leave your comfort zone and think outside the box so you can see something from different light. Some of greatest innovators in our history were people that were able to connect different things from various fields into something really amazing. The things that you want to try don’t have to be something grand like climbing Mount Everest. It just has to be something that will stimulate your senses and mind. You can even start to read a good book, or if you are person that’s more introverted, try to meet up new people. Practice your mindfulness. What that means is that you try to be aware of your thoughts, sensations, feelings and environment that’s surrounding you while at the same time not being judgmental. You can start achieving this by taking 20 mins of your day and focusing just on breathing.

Make mistakes and be willing to take risks. This is one thing that separates innovators from other people. Never give up despite of failing over and over. Failing is learning process where you’re experimenting your ideas. Never stop pushing boundaries of what’s achievable. Doing what scares you and facing your fears can be a good practice to make you overcome fear of future mistakes. Don’t keep ideas for yourself. Share them as you will need feedback to see what people have to say. Of course not everyone will like your ideas or maybe even laugh but take those criticism and profit on them by improving your ideas. Good Luck!