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Native Advertising And Market Trends For 2016

Native advertising

native advertising

At the end of one year and beginning of new one, there’s always question and predictions what will be next and hot on the market. As we are almost half in this year already, the interests are increasing. There was a study where people were asked what they think will be biggest trend when it comes to advertising and marketing trends for this year. The study received more then 1,500 answers and the most of people think that content marketing is going to be number one activity with greatest commercial impact. Other trends following are big data which means customer and market insight with predictive analytics and marketing automation, mobile marketing was 4th on the place. Today, the decisions of consumers buying are getting more complex, but mobile usage is continuously growing strong. Its no surprise mobile marketing will be one of the key trends that people will follow in 2016.

But what about native advertising in 2016?

Well, this is going to be the year when this kind of advertising comes of its age. Native advertising is a type of advertising, usually online but feasibly elsewhere, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. Do you have any native ads on your webpage? Maybe you have seen many of such ads but you don’t even know it, and that’s the real beauty of those ads. They are there, but in a way to be placed not to be too obvious or pushy with target audience. Native is now hot and the biggest social media platforms are monetizing through ads, like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook. Even the companies like New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Forbes have included native advertising in their mobile and desktop environments. Native advertising in 2016 will help you in boosting up both ads budgets and performance metrics. It’s no wonder that predictions says that people will spend almost $1 billion dollars only in US for this year.

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Traditional advertising is just becoming wallpaper. It’s not improving people’s experience on webpage. Almost 70% of consumers said that they would rather learn about some product through good content then with traditional digital advertising. I think that virtual reality is starting to literally take over the world. You can watch almost anything with virtual headset or play your favorite games. It’s all about experience of customers and soon enough this technology will become mainstream. People who think smart will search for ways so that they can bring their products in virtual life. Also, if you want to be more engaged with audience, video is one of the tactics for marketing you must have as it’s literally exploding with the live streaming. Everything from Vine, Snapchat, YouTube or even GIFs is consumed at rapidly big speed. I think next year video streaming will continue to shine even more and maybe even become marketing forefront.

Even though it can sound like a broken record, when it comes to marketing content is still the king. Give no rest to it. Storytelling in 2016 will also play big role if you want to drive consumers and keep them engaged. Last year, has also brought us many changes, but all of this is just proving us that if we focus on customers and deliver content with value you’re going to be successful marketer. Most important is to be innovative and creative so you can give your customers what they need.