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Holiday Of The FutureWhat holiday will look like in the future?

In the near future, families that are going on holiday could end up on big airships with amazing interior apartments, hoovering above many popular places or destinations. Or maybe having dinner in the oceans depths and going to the villas on the moon. Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night and you see whale from outside your window. This could soon be reality with technology rapidly improving day by day. Going to trip to the bottom of sea will become mainstream thing. Some of journeys like this are already being popular in the city of Dubai at the Poseidon or Neptune suites. There are some companies that are thinking of exploring what are the odds and possibilities when it comes to 3D printing and creating lunar habitations.

Future of travel

Those who love space will have opportunity to visit resorts that are being specially developed so that tourists can experience weightlessness. Imagine when you lay down in a bed and put your head on a pillow that is massaging your neck at the same time. Technology will enable guests to have really unique experience such as having their water for shower infused with the D vitamins. Also, forget about going to the gym somewhere else because you will have your personal digital trainer in the room’s comfort. Windows will have an option to totally block out the glare of sun, reducing the need of use for both air conditioners and curtains. Lights in the room will be getting power by solar energy and wind all connected to the heat touchscreen. I think that if we succeed in sending people through space as a way of travelling, it’s going to be really ground breaking for our mankind as a whole.

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What’s even more exciting is the thought that people can fly from London to Sydney in about 2 hours, which is really faster and also easier than ever before. Personally I would like to see the return of airships. The idea of traveling with airships has been always put on the back since the infamous Hindenber disaster. But I hope they are going to put them back to development. Now they said airships will have potential to stay for weeks in air. Very soon, you will be able to test destination you want to visit with virtual reality headset. Just visit the hotel rooms or anywhere you want to go and sort all the problems before you actually start the trip. This will have big benefits because people will be faced with much less imperfections upon their arrival.

We can see that technology will greatly improve people’s overall experience of going on holiday in very close future. From more safer beaches to smarter briefcases, and energy efficient and comfortable transport, big inventions are on the rise that will become norm for all the travelers in near future. I think that there are many ideas that will benefit the people who want to go on holiday.