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Infographic Blogs for Inspiration and Infographics ideas

If you are looking inspiration for your new infographic or you are a fan of visual data and creative infographical compositions , infographic blogs might be a great place to start and to look around. Most bloggers are using infographics as a tool to transform boring, dry information into eye catching and attractive infographic. Writing this blog I browse search engines on a daily basis to find out what’s new , what’s trending and what would be interesting and useful to write about for our readers.
Infographics are trending right now and not surprisingly many bloggers writing articles about data visualization.But for those who don’t like to read long blog posts and prefer graphical creativity , here is the list of infographic blogs, offering variety of creative visual infographics.

DailyInfographic.com – daily infographics blog

As domain name says it self – new infographic every day. If you like DailyInfographic.com blog you can also subscribe and new infographic will be delivered to your email inbox.Great free service for infographics lover!


Infographicgallery.co.uk – Infographics gallery blog

Infographicgallery.co.uk -Browse infographics by category or even submit your own infographic with embed code.


Infographic-directory.com – infographic blog by Brian Wallace

Infographic-directory.com – creative and interesting blog about infographics by Brian Wallace, the founder of NowSourcing, Inc., an infographic design and social media firm.


Informationisbeautiful.net – ideas, issues, knowledge, data — visualized!

Informationisbeautiful.net highly recommended blog to read and learn about creativity, design and new ideas.


Visual.ly – Infographics & data Visualization

Visual.ly is a platform, allowing you create, submit and share infographics.
Blog.visual.ly – interesting blog about infographics, trends, and creation concepts.


Good.is/infographics – “Explorations of the data that surrounds us”

Good.is/infographics – huge collection of creative infographics. Browse, comment, follow, and submit your own infographic.


Coolinfographics.com – blog about infographics and data visualization

Coolinfographics.com– informative and up to date blog. Interesting articles and wide selection of infographics.


Pinterest.com is another great source to browse huge collection of infographics. If you are blogger or love design and infographics show us your work or share your website in comments!