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How to create motion – video infographic from scratch?

How to start?

A week ago we have posted infographic demo video “Why your business should use infographics?”.In this article we will give full tutorial on how to download required software for free, where to find templates, how to customize, edit and create your own video infographic.

What software should be used for creating infographics?

Adobe After Effect

One of the most popular questions i have come across writing this blog: what software is the best for creating video infographics?
I am sure everyone has his own opinion, but i would recommend and I totally agree with most graphic designers – Adobe After Effects. We will post in the future more articles about infographics software , but for now lets go back to the point – how to create motion infographic.

Where to download free Adobe After Effects?

If you think that you will use After effects often, or you creating infographics on regular basis, my advise to you – buy it. It is worth every single penny. You can visit official Adobe website here and make purchase if you will decide so.
Adobe are offering Adobe After Effects free trial for 30 days. This can be really handy if you are beginner, or haven’t decided yet if you really need a full version. Software trials are totally free.I found really great post and tutorial on how to download and install free trials of After Effects (CS3,CS4 and etc.). Visit this link here and follow instructions. I did it my self and I can guarantee it works perfectly. Note: make sure you check system requirements before downloading.CS4,CS3 will work fine with 32-bit systems, while cs5 or higher requires 64-bit. Once your installation will be completed , you will be able to use this great software free of charge for one month period.
We downloaded free infographic software and is time to move to the next step creating infographic video.

Choosing video infographic template

I wrote article about usefull video infographic templates for your business, which can be edited in Adobe After Effects. I would recommend to read it, and make your own choice. Stay tuned as we will launch our templates store soon and you will have more options to choose from. You can also visit VideoHive and browse huge database of After Effects infographic templates.For our tutorial demo video, i did choose infographic video template “Online Video Marketing Intro” by author Aeyaz .Simply purchase any video – motion infographic template which suits your needs and download it. As you noticed infographic templates are not free, but graphic design companies for unique 2 min video infographic, might charge you up to 400USD – 800 USD. I believe you have to admit: create your own infographic for 15USD -35USD is a pretty much good deal.

Creating video infographic

By now we have free infographic software – Adobe After Effects, pre-made infographic template ready to be edited in CS3,CS4.
Next step is to create a plan, story and collect facts. If you would like to know more about how to create unique and interesting infographic, read our articles “How to create an Infographic?” and “How to create unique infographic?“.

Video Infographic tutorial

Once you will purchase and download infographic template, downloaded package contains Adobe Affter Effects file .aep format (motion infographic template) and Video tutorial. Video tutorial will explain in depth how to customize , edit, change colors, text, size and shape of elements. It is really simple and doesn’t require any advanced knowledge.
Open downloaded .aep file in your free Adobe After Effects, create and edit your text content. Congratulations!
You’ve made video infographic and saved yourself couple of hundreds dollars.

Original video infographic template we have purchased :

Customized and edited in Adobe After Effects video infographic:

If you have any questions please leave your comment !

Here are some recommended video infographic templates :

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