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Infographic Design Tips: Topic Ideas, Fonts, Colors and More

Making an infographic from scratch

To create a good infographic is not an easy task. Infographic creation process requires creative ideas, data visualization skills, good brainstorming, data analysis, clear and understandable  visual layout, impartial color theme, graphical elements, fonts, data visualization tools, statistical numbers  and many other things. Most important out of all previous mentioned factors –  a good and creative idea.

Ideas for Creating an Infographic

Idea is the concrete of your Infographic. Unique and creative infographic idea might lead to a huge success. This rule applies not only for a visual infographic appearance, but most importantly for content.
Firstly, copied infographic will never gain as much attention as the original one. Infographics are so popular today, because they simplify information understanding process, and makes it easier for our brain to obtain and analyze information we show on the infographic. Within first couple of seconds from the moment we see infographic, we are able to realize instantly what is all about.And that is the power of data visualization. Therefore, great infographic has to be build on the solid base, which is simplified idea and information addressed to the consumer. In other words more unique infographic is, more popular it will be.
Secondly, infographic has to be relative to the information or subject you want to tell to your consumers. Data, statistics, numbers should always be up to date. Consumers love “fresh” information. Once again: more popular subject you will talk about, more attention you will receive.
So how can i come up with a good data visualization idea? Infographics can be made almost about any subject you might think of: food, hobbies,economics, art, design,technology, social networking,human,geography,science,internet,software and etc.

Here are some ideas for your next infographic:

Of course, you might say “It’s not unique at all!”. And i have to agree with you.There are thousands infographics about social networks. But think out of the box : everyone is making infographics about Facebook,Twitter or Pinterest. Make your own infographic about fastest growing social networks in 2013, 2014 make predictions based on statistics.You are already unique because ,even if you search google today there is no clear answer  to what social networks are trending right now. Don’t believe me? amirite.com within 2 years has more than 5 million users. Have you ever seen infographic about this social network? With growing social network popularity, your infographic will grow together, because more and more people will try to find information about it. First is always the winner.Be patient.  Think about this and remember:

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” -Wayne Gretzky

Male vs Female, Bad vs Good, Facebook vs Twitter… Most common infographic type. What makes us all unique, that we have our own opinion and views. Express your opinion about two subjects. Here you go! You are already unique, because no one has the same opinion as you do. Take two , your favorite Facebook pages or Twitter accounts and compare them: how quickly they are growing, how often they are posting and updating status, followers/like numbers and etc..We all have a subject or hobby that we love to talk or write about. What is yours? I am sure you will find at least one area where you are good at it. It can be sport, art, technology, music or many other things. What makes you unique , is the knowledge you have about that specific subject. And you are not alone. There always will be followers and people who like the same things. Share your knowledge and visualize what you know.

Infographic Planning and Achieving Goals

Idea without a plan is a dream. To make your dream real you need to have plan. When we are talking about infographics, plan has to be very detailed. Each step or part of the data visualization product should be logical and not duplicated. Initial idea should be developed in logical sequence visually and in content. Each and second piece of content should explain previous one until your message is clear and understandable to the consumer. I believe most of the projects starts from sketch on the paper. It helps to achieve and execute your goals. Once you know what has to be achieved, its really easy do research and find missing elements. Without a good plan you will be lost and your idea might end up not very clear and understandable to consumer.

Infographic Colors

You have Unique idea, you made the plan. At this point it’s a good time to start building infographic using visual elements and tools. First – color theme. Infographic colors and color theme is very important element. Colors effects consumers mood. In fact, infographic colors might be very engaging. Recently i posted an infographic, presenting human capabilities. Outstanding  and eye catching infographic.A great example how colors can impact visual presentation. Don’t use too many colors. Keep it simple.It will be very difficult to understand infographic if it looks like a rainbow.I would recommend 4-5 colors is enough. Simplicity help consumers easily navigate information they are looking for.Here are some tips how to choose color theme. Select one color, which you think it will be suitable for your idea. Or simply think about color patterns and tone.

Few websites, that are very handy and useful when selecting color theme for the infographic:

Colourlovers.com- One of the best tools choosing colors for your website, infographic , business card, video infographic and etc. What I really like about this website,that you can see live, how color patterns looks implemented into final product.Next to the color pallet you will find link to the website, which is based on the same colors pattern. Large selection of trending colors. Colorlovers.com has active community. New colors  being posted every day and is definitely worth to try! Colorlovers.com is totally free Encycolorpedia.com great tool combining colors into one pattern. If you have main color for your infographic (e.g background) Encycolorpedia.com will help you to choose supporting colors, which looks very well with the main color.

Infographic Fonts

Don’t make a mistake and clutter your infographic with an overload of typefaces. Select your fonts wisely. Infographic fonts should match your idea.If infographic idea is funky use funky fonts accordingly. If retro – retro fonts should be used and etc. Choose fonts that has variety of extended options and weights. Font weights helps you fill the space and makes infographic proportional.Unique and fancy fonts are usually not free, but here are some sources that might help you find free fonts for your infographic.

Free Infographic Fonts:

Cooltext.com free tool to create your logo or find variety of fonts.Browse fonts library and download to your pc or mac. Fonts are categorized and easy to find.Google Fonts is ultimate and largest selection of free fonts for any kind of project. Visit official page and i am sure you will find something that will fill your needs.

Infographic Icons

To create your own infographic icons you’ll need good software. AE Illustrator or Photoshop is the best tools for this task. But if you are beginner – don’t worry. Thousands of websites offering free Icon sets.That will save you heaps of time. Most importantly professional infographics are polished and ready to be used. Search on Google and you will get thousands results.I have my favorites and here is the list.Read more here how to implement FontAwesome icons in Powerpoint

Free Infographic Icon Sets:

Iconmonstr.com well designed and very popular website within design community. High quality icons. Download icon sets in white or black color.Dryicons.com – more than 5000 icons, available with free, commercial or extended license Iconfinder.com – thousands of icon sets and links to the author pages in one place!

Assemble Infographic Facts

Facts are the bones of your infographic. It should be informative, engaging, entertaining and interesting.Point out highlights and lowlights, compare, report or prove your facts. Add numbers and statistics.Because this is an infographic, don’t forget to keep connection between facts and numbers.
Stick to your plan. Follow the story and make it clear to consumer.

Infographic Layout

It’s hard to find right balance between numbers, headlines and information. Take your time and try couple of different layouts. You might need to add some additional information and facts or cut out some numbers and icons.Editing infographic and laying out facts shouldn’t take long if you follow your plan. If you making infographic using online tools, to lay out information will be easy.Most of the online infographic templates are pre-designed and space is divided equally.

Adding Photos and Iliustrations

Visual presentation with text and numbers only will be a bit boring and not as much engaging as the one with pictures and illustrations. Add images, draw or download illustrations related to your topic.It will help to make infographic more interesting, understandable and viral. Remember, that visual aspect is the reason why consumers loves infographics.