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10 Sources of Infographic Design Inspiration 2024

To design and create a successful infographic is not an easy task. Infographic designer needs to find a good balance between colors, fonts, layout, object sizes and other important elements. Surely, most important is infographic content and data accuracy , but this time we will talk more about infographic visual appearance rather than information quality. Previously we wrote an article “How to create video-motion infographics from scratch?”. I would recommend to read this blog post as we have covered in it some good sources for the beginners.

Visual infographic appearance is really important. We have to remember that within first look at your infographic, consumers will have instant opinion. It might be positive or negative. Of course we want that reader’s opinion would be positive and he or she would have interest to read whole information featured in infographic. Therefore infographic design should be eye-catchy, simple to understand and enjoy-full. If you are not sure which colors, fonts and layout style to choose (assuming you have your data & information collected already) here is the list of sources that might be helpful for you to make decision.

1. Color-hex.com

– We start our list with some great tools to select right colors for your infographic. There are many websites where you can compare colors and obtain hex codes , but color-hex.com is very simple to use. Once you choose single color, color-hex.com shows monochromatic, analogous, triadic and complementary color palettes as shown in the example :

In most cases this variety of colors should be enough for your infographic. Of course you might need some few additional colors for infographic fonts or icons.

2. Colourlovers.com

– Active color lovers community constantly adding some new and trending color palettes. You can also check live websites with selected colors and you will have an idea how your infographic might look like.

3. Fltdsgn.com

this website showcase some of the best flat UI design websites.Great source of inspiration for infographic layout, fonts and color combinations. Flat design is trending right now and there are no reasons why you shouldn’t apply it on your next infographic design. Fltdsgn.com features list of 63 pages awesome and very well designed websites.

4. Behance.net

– active design community with thousands of high quality portfolios. Unlimited source of inspiration for great and unique design ideas and concepts. Top graphic design works might be great inspiration for your next infographic.

5. Designshack.net

awesome design blog for inspiration. Browse design gallery and read informative blog posts. Highly recommended blog for those who are interested in design and looking for a good tips how to design properly. New trends and latest design world news. All what you need in one place. Read, subscribe and create.

6. Creativemarket.com

another design community with thousands of wonderful art pieces in one place.High quality graphic design concepts might be a good start for your next infographic inspiration.You can not only browse portfolios and uploads , but also participate and sell your design products.

7. hellohappy.org/beautiful-web-type/

– beautiful one page website showing best Google fonts combinations. Colors and fonts are totally polished to perfection. Check it out and maby you will be inspired as many others. It’s very useful source not only for infographics but also for website design.

8. ifontyou.com

large and inspiring collection of font combinations. If you are not sure which fonts to use for your infographic, check out this website, it might be a good place to start.Not only the fonts but also colors are design to match background and images. That’s exactly what you are looking for designing infographics.

9. Awwwards.com

awesome source to monitor latest design trends and high quality design solutions. This website covers all aspects of design, therefore you definitely will find something what you can use later on for your infographic design. It is a great source to find market leaders and awarded graphic designers.

10. Visual.ly

– last but not least. Visual.ly is the largest infographic community. You can browse thousands of infographic examples. But don’t forget – copying someones else infographic will not bring you as much success as you will get by creating unique infographic. Once you will finalize your project you will be able to register and submit your infographic. Once it will be approved, your work will be visible for large audience of infographic lovers around the world. Each infographic is ranked and ranking is based on the views number. One of our infographics was able to hit the “Visually infographics Everest” and is ranked #42 of all submitted. In the future posts I will share some tips how to make successful infographic. For now, I wish you all the best and may your infographic will be lead by huge success!

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